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Daniel David Freeman, THE ICK

Daniel David Freeman, THE ICK
Daniel David Freeman, Prefrontal Gortex, 48cm x 59cm, ink and pencil on paper. 2023

Daniel David Freeman, THE ICK- The ICK, a latent virus, slithers through the unseen recesses of our wired existence. It is the dark underbelly of our hyperconnected world, a mutation of desires and revulsions pulsating within the hidden networks of our collective consciousness. A ghostly spectre, it infiltrates the wires, the streams, the very codes that bind our physical and digital realm, infecting our minds with a disquieting unease.

Daniel David Freeman, Tank Girl, Interrupted, 25cm x 56cm, ink and pencil on plywood. 2023

The ick creeps through the neural pathways of a society engrossed in the virtual, whispering distorted desires and unsettling impulses. It manifests as a glitch in the pristine facade of the technological utopia, a subversive disruption that challenges the boundaries of our comfort. It reveals the shadowy undercurrents beneath the glossy surfaces, casting doubt upon the authenticity of our digital personas and the hollow promises of a seamless existence.

With each encounter, ‘the ick’ engulfs us in a miasma of unease, stirring up a cocktail of repulsion and fascination. It leaves an indelible mark on our consciousness, a stain that cannot be easily erased. It is the dark reflection of our desires and the disconcerting realization that our digital playground is not immune to the complexities and imperfections of human nature. ‘The ick’ beckons us to confront the murky depths within ourselves, to question the allure of the technological siren’s song, and to navigate the enigmatic realm where the virtual and the visceral entangle in a dance of disquietude.

Daniel David Freeman, THE ICK
Daniel David Freeman, Gut Feelings, 31cm x 58cm, Acrylic on plywood. 2023
Daniel David Freeman, Jan Van Ick, 42cm x 60cm, ink and pencil on paper. 2022

Daniel David Freeman, The ICK, 28th July – 28th August, Coups Contemporary, Floor 3, 53 Great Portland Street, Private view 27th July 6-8pm

Freeman’s practice has seen him exhibit widely across London with exhibitions at Gallery 46, Somerset House and the ICA amongst others, as well as working on collaborations with brands such as Fila, Simone Rocha, Carhartt and Netflix.



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