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7 Most-Effective Free YouTube Views Services

Growth on many social media channels no longer comes cheap. You’ll need to input your time, energy, and resources into boosting your social media presence to see any significant engagement. But, you’ll still have time to get free YouTube views fast!

If you’re a business that leverages YouTube marketing for your products, you want to make sure your video content is reaching the right YouTube audience. As a brand that is looking to monetize its YouTube channel in addition to gaining YouTube fame, your video views determine how people engage with your content.

A low amount of YouTube views on your posts will not encourage viewers to check out what you have to offer. So, one thing is certain — you have to boost YouTube views on your YouTube videos to attract the right crowd.

Thankfully, there are many ways to get free YouTube views, free YouTube subscribers, and more to help you rank among the popular videos on YouTube. Some, you can access for free, for others, you’ll have to put in some work.

Let’s check the free YouTube views services out below.

7 Growth Services for Free YouTube Views on Your YouTube Video

Need more views, YouTube likes, YouTube comments, and subscribers for free? The listed services are sure to help you rank higher and gain new viewers without much hard work.

1 – Views4You

Views4You is the #1 free YouTube views service for channels looking to gain more viewers. Although it offers lots of paid services, it gives any YouTube creator the chance at boosting their own video with its free offerings. Mainly, it offers free YouTube views to its customers who want to do a test run of the service, but it’s open to all, even if you don’t make any purchases.

Views4You free YouTube views page

You can get free views on Views4You in 4 simple steps. Include the YouTube URL of one video you want to boost, and then include your email in the space provided. Next, click “Try Now.” Then sit back and watch your channel grow with views that remain on your channel forever.

Note: It’s important to note that you can only boost a single video or channel for free once. If you attempt to use the free service for the next video on the same channel, Views4You servers will reject your input.

In addition to gaining more free YouTube views, you can also take the opportunity to maximize all the freebies that Views4You offers. Gain more subscribers with the “Free YouTube subscribers” option, or gain YouTube likes via the “Free YouTube likes” page.

YouTube Thumbnail Downloader

That’s not all, Views4You offers up to 7 free tools like the Thumbnail Downloader or Title Generator, that can help you reach your target audience on YouTube, turning your videos from “meh” to awesome!

With the most affordable packages on the market, you can always top up your engagement on your channel to ensure consistent growth for your quality videos. Prices start as low as $1.19/1k.

2 – BotList

BotList is a social media growth service that is committed to providing more YouTube views for your video content, free YouTube subscribers to boost your subscriber count, and free likes for your YouTube video. Despite being a paid service, you can enjoy the unpaid version for as long as you like.

However, there’s a catch. To use the service to grow your YouTube channel for free, you’ll need to earn money (coins) by engaging with videos. When you’ve amassed a number of videos, you can then spend your money (coins) to receive free likes, views, subscribers, and comments. So, get ready to watch lots of videos if you want a significant number of views.

3 – Veefly

This is a great service that offers to boost your video view count with 1000 free YouTube views when you sign up. With various best strategies implemented by their team of experts, they help you boost and increase YouTube views on your videos.

Note, however, that the “free delivery” is only available to verified users on their platform. You have to give them your phone number in exchange for the views. Also, you can’t use the views you receive unless you run a paid campaign on the platform. It’s a no-brainer that this is not as free as it claims.

4 – Instafollowers

For $0.00, you can get 100 free views on this growth platform. Reach your potential customers by making the most of their free growth service which is available to users weekly. However, the service states that once you hit the maximum amount of freebie views, you won’t receive any more. The amount is not stated on the website.

5 – YTMonster

This service has a quite complicated procedure for offering you views at no cost. The website claims to give users that sign up for YouTube views at no pay. However, you must work for it by viewing, liking, subscribing to, or commenting on other videos and channels to earn credits.

With these credits, you can pay to run a campaign to get free views. The more credits you earn, the higher the campaign package you can run on the site.

6 – YouTubeServices

This not-so-popular platform gives new users 100 views at no cost every week. Think of it as a weekly booster for your account, although the website initially set this up for visitors who wanted to test their packages. Being a not-so-popular platform, we can’t vouch for the authenticity of their offers. Also, note that the views will not be delivered immediately, but within 12 – 36 hours, based on their discretion.

7 – IgFace

Despite being a marketing platform mainly for Instagram, this tool has helped many brands and influencers boost their accounts on social platforms, including YouTube. In 1 simple step, enter your Video URL on the website to get YouTube views without paying. They don’t state how many views you’ll receive on their website.

Top 5 Ways to Get More Views for Your YouTube Channel

You can get free YouTube views directly from YouTube if you make a few tweaks to your content. Simply follow the helpful tips shared below.

1 – Optimize Your Video for YouTube SEO

If you’re using YouTube video marketing as one of your video-based strategies, you need to optimize your videos to beat the YouTube algorithm, so you can be more visible on search engines. With the proper SEO tactics in place, your videos begin to show up in search results, especially if you have compelling content.

Tags section on YouTube

One of the few ways to do this is to find and use the right keywords. Include relevant keywords that are related to your post in the video description or tags section. Also, your video’s title must be catchy enough to attract the right audience and convince them to subscribe and become loyal viewers. You can use video title generators to generate the best video titles that convert.

If your videos are not getting enough views and engagement, the chances are that you’re not making videos that resonate with your audience. To do better, study trending content in your niche to see what your audience likes. Find out what they are doing differently that helps them make it to the top page on the YouTube search engine, then apply these changes to your video.

3 – Use an End Screen in Your Videos

End screens are some highly underestimated aspects of video content that you can use to your advantage. The end screen is the image that appears at the end of the video.

End screen page on YouTube

On this screen, you can add an impactful CTA that compels your viewers to subscribe to your channel, watch the videos on your channel, purchase your merch, follow your other social accounts, etc.

4 – Answer Search Queries with Your Video

If you search related keywords on YouTube or Google, there are certain search queries that people commonly ask. You can find questions like this in the “People also ask” section on Google, or when you type in a question on YouTube, like the image below.

Search queries on YouTube

Create video content that addresses these queries. By doing this, your video will show up in search results when people make these inquiries, driving up your views significantly.

5 – Promote on Other Social Media Platforms

Many creators usually have more than one social media account. Use these accounts to your advantage by promoting your video content on social media like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

The Best Social Media Platforms for Promoting Your YouTube Videos

You can share clips of your video on your pages, and then redirect viewers to watch the full clip-on YouTube. You can also link to your YouTube videos in your latest blog posts, and direct your audience to visit your channel for more related content.



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