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Art on a Postcard International Women’s Day edition: Caroline Zurmely Q&A

Art on a Postcard (AOAP) host its 4th International Women’s Day, with a new format for 2023. AOAP have invited seven female curators; Beth Greenacre, Louise Fitzjohn (Liminal Gallery), Bakul Patki, Lee Sharrock, Mollie Barnes (She Curates) Sandra De Giorgi and Carrie Scott, to each curate an exhibition featuring female artists. Each exhibition will run as seven concurrent auctions, all raising money to support The Hepatitis C Trust’s work with women affected by the criminal justice system both in prison and local communities. 

Lee Sharrock in conversation with artist Caroline Zurmely, who is featured in the auction curated by Beth Greenacre:

Lee Sharrock: 7 women curators have selected artists for a special International Women’s Day 2023 Art on a Postcard auction, which will raise funds for the Hepatitis C Trust. Who is your curator and how did you get to know them/ get involved with the project? 
Caroline Zurmely: Beth Greenacre is my curator. I believe Beth saw some of my work last summer at Cob Gallery and later the gallery introduced us.

Could you tell me a bit about your artistic practice, the materials you use, and your path to becoming an artist?
I was interested in art from a young age and later chose to study painting at art school. For the past few years I have been painting with nail polish. I love using unconventional materials to make work. There is a learning curve which keeps you engaged and a tactile quality that differentiates your work from most.

Caroline Zurmely

Can you explain what you’ve created for AOAP? 
I created 4 eye paintings. They are all close ups of recognizable figures. Each is done with nail polish and was made one dot at a time. 

Who are the artists that inspire you the most? 
Domenico Gnoli is one of my favourites. As for current artists, I love Henni Alftan’s paintings. They both have the best compositions. While there are so many artists whose work I admire, I get most of my inspiration from stuff online. I like to look back at my camera roll and see what I have taken photos of or the things that I have saved, or even screen-shotted. It’s like a catalogue and reminder of what interests me.

As a woman artist, have you come across many obstacles that you don’t think a male artist would face?
I live in my own little bubble away from the art world right now. The truth is I don’t know, but maybe that’s good. I’m able to just focus on making work. I do sense a lot of excitement around female artists though and I can feel the support.

Caroline ZurmelyEye

What exhibitions do you have coming up in 2023 that you’re most excited about?
I have my first solo show at T293 this June in Rome!

View and bid on Beth Greenacre’s Art on a Postcard International Womens Day auction here: artonapostcard.com/



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