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Art on a Postcard International Women’s Day Auction: Bindi Vora

Lee Sharrock is one of 7 women curators taking part in an Art on a Postcard International Women’s Day charity auction to raise funds for the Hepatitis C Trust. Lee spoke to artist Bindi Vora, who is featured in the auction curated by Carrie Scott.

Lee Sharrock: 7 women curators have selected artists for a special International Women’s Day 2023 Art on a Postcard auction, which will raise funds for the Hepatitis C Trust. Who is your curator and how did you get to know them/ get involved with the project?

Bindi Vora: My work was curated by the indomitable Carrie Scott, an incredible force that I have been working with since 2017. When Carrie first told me about her involvement with the Hepatitis C Trust and if I wanted to be involved, it wasn’t something I hesitated about. Over the last few years, I have been particularly drawn to projects that don’t conform to the usual conventions of how we see or experience art.

Bindi Vora photographed by Zöe Maxwell

Could you tell me a bit about your artistic practice, the materials you use, and your path to becoming an artist?
My practice as a photographic artist is largely formed around thinking about how ideas of resistance and resilience are influenced by our everyday surroundings. My work combines collage, linguistic motifs, and analogue photographic processes – working with an archive of found images procured over the last decade. I am interested in how these materials can be reused and recycled to create new narratives but can also be traced back to other works too, like interconnected tissues.

Can you explain what you’ve created for AOAP?
Meanderings #2 is a unique work I made by combining analogue photographs made on Hampstead Heath in the summer of 2022; a place where over the last decade I have often sought refuge to clear my mind, walk and be amongst nature. By using a weaving technique, I wanted to repeat the lines and layers, to create an ephemeral map inspired by the various walking routes I have taken over the years, but also think about the layering of nature, of fauna that envelopes the rising and falling grass mounds.  

Bindi Vora, Meanderings, 2022-23

Who are the artists that inspire you the most?
The list is endless – I am so drawn to artists who use their work(s) and voices to express experiences be it personal or collective – artists such as Lorna Simpson, Wangechi Mutu, Gauri Gill, Hoda Afshar Tarrah Krajnak, and peers such as Dafna Talmor, Poulomi Basu, Mónica Alcázar-Duarte amongst many many others. 

As a woman artist, have you come across many obstacles that you don’t think a male artist would face
We are all aware of the disparities that women artists face, whose stories are often hidden or dismissed – but what does this look like when we probe this even further and consider not just obstacles but those artists who are systematically marginalised.

What exhibitions do you have coming up in 2023 that you’re most excited about?
This year is shaping up to be a very exciting moment amongst projects still in the pipelines – I have just completed a commission for the Hospital Rooms for the new Springfield Hospital at Southwest London and St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust. Mountain of Salt, 2020-2021 an expansive series of 371 collages comprised of found images, appropriated text and digital shapes made during pandemic-time as a catharsis will be published by Perimeter Editions (AU) later this year. 

Bidding opens on 23rd February. For more information go to: artonapostcard.com



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