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See Me After Class: A Spiral Bound Journey by Adam Greener

Art Unified presents SEE ME AFTER CLASS: A SPIRAL BOUND JOURNEY BY ADAM GREENER, the gallery’s first artist to be featured at the recently opened gallery on Abbot Kinney. To commence the event, viewers will be taken back to childhood with an original ice cream truck, spiked drinks, nostalgic candy, and refreshments.

“Growing up, my spiral notebook was my sanctuary. I always struggled with authority and focus; following the rules, doing what I was told, coloring inside the lines, literally and figuratively. And, amidst a swirl of hormones, pressure to fit in, and a veritable lack of control over most aspects of my life (including my parents’ divorce), I — like a lot of kids, I think — felt isolated. My sticker-and-scribble-adorned notebook was a private place — a personal retreat where I could color outside the lines without recrimination, control everything, and be the undisputed master of my own pre-pubescent domain.

Adam Greener

The public exhibition explores new and favoured works by the artist, highlighting concepts of what it means to grow up through a series of ink illustrations, created on handmade graphic large “spiral bound notebook” sheets. By radically changing the size and scale of a spiral-bound notebook, Adam Greener invites the viewer to take a deeper look with the intention of expressing how everything feels LARGER-THAN-LIFE as a child. Featuring his most popular pieces, Adam Greener recently launched a coffee table book that will also be available for purchase at the exhibition in addition to an exclusive art-inspired t-shirt

Channelling his inner child, Adam Greener’s intimate and autobiographical work are memories of his early visual preoccupations and re-presents them with a witty and subversive not-so-grown-up eye. A misfit at home and in school, Adam Greener takes the viewer on a journey of nostalgic forays into a simpler and fun time, while others works hint at how torturous it can be to grow up.

As a fine artist and storyteller, Adam solidly established the voice of what it means to be a kid. He not only has a way of capturing something nostalgic, but also has a special way of making you laugh about it, even when it’s painful.

Exploring views of seemingly every day experiences, the pieces are rich with themes of childhood and also historical context, but with a childlike view. Adam doesn’t create as an adult; he channels his younger self to create a deep narrative— A snapshot into what it means to be an adolescent.

says Johan Andersson, founder and director of Art Unified.

Adam Greener’s work has caught the attention of a respected list of collectors including Robert Downey, Jr. who has acquired four original works for his home collection. Other collectors include Jason Flom, former CEO of Atlantic and Virgin Records, Casey Cowell founder of USA Robotics, Phillip Raskind, Partner of William Morris Endeavor, Kate Waisman, the Children’s Director of The Metropolitan of Art Museum in New York and Pat Wilson of San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

SEE ME AFTER CLASS: A SPIRAL BOUND JOURNEY BY ADAM GREENER September 14th, 2022 through October 12th, 2022 Public opening on September 14th, 2022 from 7-9:30 pm at Art Unified, 1329 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA 90291 artunified.com

About the artist

As a TV producer turned artist, Adam Greener has been a longtime storyteller. As a kid, Adam spent most of every 56-minute class period doodling in his spiral-bound, visual wanderings that often landed him in detention, repeatedly writing “I will not…” In his large-scale loose leaf canvases, seemingly torn from the notebook of a distracted grade-schooler, Adam Greener explores the ways in which the youthful imagination processes the chaotic swirl of social and cultural imagery that seeks to shape, stimulate, and confine it all at once. With his series of ink illustrations, created on handmade “notebook” sheets, he taps into his memories of his early visual preoccupations and re-presents them with a witty and subversive not-so grown-up eye. Adam’s work has been featured at Scope Miami, LA Art Show, Art Market Hamptons , Art Market San Francisco, Saatchi Gallery London, Kimball Art Center, Park City, Art on Paper, NYC, Art Unified Gallery in Venice, and the Shay Hotel in Culver City, among other locations. adamgreener.com



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