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Marian Goodman Gallery is opening a new gallery in Los Angeles

Marian Goodman Gallery to open in Los Angeles
Rendering of Marian Goodman Gallery’s new gallery in Los Angeles. View from Seward Street. Image Courtesy Johnston Marklee.

Marian Goodman Gallery announced today it will open a new gallery in Hollywood, Los Angeles in early 2023. Transforming and repurposing a historic warehouse near the Highland Corridor, at North Hudson Avenue off Santa Monica Boulevard, the new 13,000-square-foot complex will feature 5,000 square feet of flexible, skylit galleries as well as a landscaped garden, viewing rooms, office space, and dedicated parking. The Gallery is being designed by the L.A.-based architectural firm Johnston Marklee, acclaimed internationally for their cultural buildings and adaptive reuse projects.  

Marian Goodman began championing the work of L.A.-based artists in the mid-1960s through her pioneering art publishing company Multiples, Inc., which had an early adjunct space on La Cienega Boulevard. This engagement with the city’s artists, collectors, and institutions continued through the decades, following the opening of Marian Goodman Gallery in New York in the late 1970s, with many of the Gallery’s artists enjoying career-defining exhibitions and projects at the city’s institutions. Building upon this legacy, the new location will become a permanent anchor for the Gallery to deepen and extend the presence of its artists in the city and throughout the West Coast. The Gallery will be led by an L.A. team working under the direction of Founder and CEO Marian Goodman, President and Partner Philipp Kaiser, and Partners Emily-Jane Kirwan, Rose Lord, Leslie Nolen, and Junette Teng. 

“The Gallery has long been drawn to Los Angeles, which is an important hub for contemporary artistic thinking. Our new Gallery, located at the epicenter of L.A.’s vibrant art scene, will serve to enhance and deepen the presence of our artists on the West Coast, and will contribute to the cultural fabric of the city through new exhibitions, projects, and partnerships,”

said Kaiser.

Plans for the Gallery’s inaugural exhibition in Los Angeles will be announced in the coming months.



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