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Porsche presents “The Art of Dreams” series for its debut appearance at Milan Design Week 2022.

Porsche The Art of Dreams Milano Ruby Barber Photo Benne Ochs

With an installation by floral artist Ruby Barber of Studio Mary Lennox, Porsche aims to explore the interplay of nature and technology in a dream-like, immersive installation on display at Palazzo Cleric.

Ruby Barber has created an uplifting sculptural artwork that combines the fragility of flowers with the promise of 21st-century technology. Already fascinating in its resting state, the installation comes to life for choreographed performances.

In an intense creative development process, the artist collaborated with flight engineers and a dozen dedicated drone pilots to create a new-to-the-world art experience. Ideas first envisioned in the virtual realm of renders and animations are transported into reality, creating surreal vistas and sensations for the viewer. The installation connects with the sports car manufacturer’s pioneering spirit while at the same time posting subtle questions about the role of technology, its contribution, as well as its relation to nature.

Porsche The Art of Dreams Milano Teaser Photo Benne Ochs

I am curious to explore the connections between nature and the modern human environment, the possible interactions between botanics and technology are particularly intriguing to me. In this work, I dreamt of a meeting place between the two worlds, fusing the both together to create a space for a new experience.

says acclaimed floral artist Ruby Barber

Ruby Barber is a flower artist and designer with Australian roots who lives and works in berlin. She is the founder of Studio Mary Lennox. Barber’s surreal arrangements create spaces between nature and architecture, between reality and dream. Her installations are modern and emotional, and not only a large audience enjoys her floral wonderland via social media, but Barber also has numerous corporate collaborations under her belt ranging from Hermes to Cartier.

Barber’s piece is the second commissioned work for “The Art of Dreams”, a global art initiative by Porsche that deals with the motif of dreams through various interactive art installations across major cities around the world. With its aim to inspire people, convey optimism, and contribute to lively communities, the initiative launched in Paris last October and has since made a stop in Singapore in January of this year.

Porsche, The Art of Dreams, Milano Teaser Render

Porsche is driven by dreams and with the initiative ‘The Art of Dreams’ we want to remind people about the importance of dreaming and to inspire them. At the same time, we are keen on supporting the creative community and on bringing exceptional artwork to the public. The Milan Design Week is a great opportunity to get in contact with creative people from all around the world – we are already very much looking forward to this.

explains Robert Ader, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Porsche AG.

During Milan Design Week 2022, the “The Art of Dreams” by Porsche will showcase at Palazzo Clerici in the heart of Brera. For seven days, the sports car manufacturer will engage with the creative Salone community. Exclusive events are as much part of the program as a secluded garden café in the Palazzo’s second courtyard that lets visitors linger a bit and enjoy a casual coffee with friends Committed to a sustainable way of working in local communities, the brand made it a priority to select partners from among the best and brightest of Milan’s culinary entrepreneurs and creative minds. Together with the international yoga community Ciaomondo, founded by Milanese creative powerhouse Licia Florio and Francio Ferrari, “The Art of Dreams” offers yoga and meditation sessions for a mindful start into the bustling days of Salone. The vegan and vegetarian delicacies for all exclusive events created by Cinzia, Giulia, and Sara, the exceptional chefs and masterminds behind Altatto, Milan’s most innovative haute cuisine establishment.



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