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Why is Art Important?

Humans have a tremendous aptitude for complicated language, yet the things we wish to say aren’t always able to be expressed in words. This is where art, in all of its manifestations, enters the picture. It’s a kind of self-expression. Humanity would most likely perish if it did not have art.


Consider a world devoid of art. There was no way to listen to music on long vehicle drives if you turned on the radio. Coffee shops would be devoid of tattoos and baristas would be free of ink. You wouldn’t have a favourite song or poetry to turn to when you needed a pick-me-up. There would be no movies to persuade you to change your opinion, and no books to enlighten you. The more you think about it, this world without art seems like some bizarre Armageddon.

Express Ourselves

Art helps us to visually express tales and share our perspectives on the world. Artwork may be created using a variety of techniques or materials, which is part of the appeal of utilising it as a form of expression. Artists will find it simpler to develop their own distinct style and voice as a result of this.

Motivate Others

Art has the ability to inspire others in the arts and even act as motivation for those in other sectors to create their own work. Making your own art, and doing it to the best of your ability, can encourage others to create their own art, which in turn can inspire others. Art may set off a tremendous chain reaction of creativity and inspiration.

Make the world a more fascinating place

Our lives would be a lot more boring if we didn’t have art. We wouldn’t have artwork on our walls at home or at work, and we wouldn’t be inspired by visiting art museums and galleries. There would be no patterns or designs on our clothes, purses, or carpets. There would be no cartoons or illustrations in newspapers or on television. To be honest, the world would be a rather boring place if that were the case. The world is a more dynamic and exciting place to live because of art.

Keep a record of our past.

Even if we aren’t conscious of it, the art we create contributes to the documentation of life at a specific point in time. This may be done simply by looking at the materials used in the piece, which can help date it, or the subject matter represented. Art serves as a record of life at the time the piece was made.

Back Doors to the Past

Art is a fantastic way to transfer yourself to various periods and places. You can open a gateway simply by picking up and reading an old diary or book, or by connecting with an old picture. Literature and other forms of art are like abstract wormholes for us to explore with our imaginations.

Your window to understand Art from the Stone Age

Culture is the means by which humans communicate with prior generations of our species. Cave paintings, sculptures, and ceramics from the past may educate us about how people lived and thought.

It’s possible that our present understanding of what art is is founded in ancient techniques of communication and knowledge sharing. Thousands of years ago, old cave drawings gave us an insight into how ancient humans flourished in their circumstances.

So far, the oldest cave art that has been uncovered goes back 65,000 years. That was back when Neanderthals were still roaming the earth. Homo Sapiens created the majority of the cave art we’ve discovered, which is less than 40,000 years old.

The majority of the items discovered were painted with black and crimson colours extracted from rocks and sediments.

Gives a glimpse on the palaeolithic art

Not every piece of ancient cave art was painted. Tools were used to carve some of the specimens into the rock walls. The significance of cave art has long been a point of contention among experts. Some speculate that it was a shamanic activity used during spiritual travels.

Symbols have been discovered in caves all across the world, indicating to the potential of some of the oldest forms of visual communication. Palaeolithic art can help us learn more about our ancestors and how our minds developed.

It is a revolution

Art is a revolution in and of itself, regardless of whether it inspires others to stand up and make a difference. We prioritise practical and “safe” financial judgments since we live in a capitalist culture. Consider the act of creating art as a revolt against capitalism if you’ve ever been discouraged from taking art seriously. 


Art, in general, makes the world a more fascinating and lovely place to live. It enables us to make sense of our lives and to provide meaning to certain periods in time. Art allows us to express ourselves and share our various points of view, making life a bit more magical. Know more on artincontext.org and enjoy making your own art in the best manner. 



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