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How Live Streaming is Transforming the World of Art, Gaming, and Fashion

Streaming art

The world of art, gaming, and fashion are notoriously exclusive. The famed Vincent Van Gogh painting ‘Sunflowers’ can’t be seen unless one is in Amsterdam or has the opportunity to visit. Casino-style gaming can’t be enjoyed unless a casino is near or traveled to and the debut of the latest haute couture can’t be witnessed unless you get an invitation to fashion week. Live streaming is changing all of this and opening up these formerly exclusive worlds for the masses to enjoy in real-time.

Livestreaming in the Art World

When art museums use live streaming it allows anyone to access art from anywhere in the world- from students to enthusiasts. Some art museums have utilized this technology on their social media profiles to showcase events, conduct Q&A’s between an audience and artist, and showcase behind-the-scenes restoration techniques making the world of art widely accessible. 

One amazing example of how live streaming has greatly impacted art happened in 2017 when art museums all over the world collaborated on a live stream to showcase five different versions of Van Gogh’s Sunflower collection. This allowed audiences to see, compare, and contrast all five paintings side by side with expert insight from curators which has never been done before. 

Livestreaming in Gaming

Gaming encompasses a wide world: casinos, video games, and online games. Visiting a casino is a full experience that can’t be enjoyed by just anyone, unfortunately. Casinos are only allowed in certain districts and also can be a costly vacation. Sometimes, video games and online games can be a solitary pastime. While this is a preference for some players, others may prefer to play games with people in real time, which is where the advent of live streaming has come in. 

Live-streaming games create a fun event that allows people anywhere in the world to come together, bond, and have a great time. One example is live bingo, which happens every night with two presenters. This event allows players to get the feel of a real bingo club from the comfort of their homes and creates comradery and friendship, especially for players who play together often. Players can type questions and comments and hear the presenters’ responses live leading to interaction and conversation. And anytime anyone gets a win, the players and the presenters celebrate with congratulations and victory dances.

Livestreaming in Fashion

The fashion world and especially fashion week is notoriously exclusive and saved for the upper echelon of designers, models, and celebrities. The introduction of live-streaming shows has not only allowed anyone interested to watch but has also benefited the brands. 

One example is the brand Carolina Herrera. In 2015, this fashion house decided not to live stream its fashion show after five years and saw a significant decrease in its social channels and talk around the event which lead to them prioritizing live streaming in the future. The next year, after a successful live-streaming experience, their social media channels gained 60k new followers and 51.2 million impressions. 



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