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The best electric mopeds you can actually buy in 2021

These days riding a moped is becoming more and more popular. Residents of large cities change to electric mopeds choosing from the most fashionable models of this transport. The most striking model is the Sunra Robo S from Qeemoto. It looks very modern, and the U-shaped headlamp design is significantly different from competing models. By turning on this headlamp, you will be able to see everything that happens at a distance of up to 12 meters perfectly.

There is a small digital display on the dashboard. It shows:

  • speed at which the driver is moving;
  • battery charge;
  • how many kilometers have been run.

Of the additional benefits that a moped owner can take advantage of is cruise control. It will be even easier to enjoy the ride without unnecessary movements!

Like other modern devices, the moped has its own app, which you can enter using your biometrical data. Now you don’t need to have a key with you to start the moped, you just need to open the app and start the engine.

Sunra Robo S can travel up to 135 km without additional recharging. This opportunity has become possible thanks to two 72 V batteries. They are mounted on the floor of the scooter. You will be able to ride for up to 4 hours (maximum speed 80 km/h) without stopping.

Retro models: Vespa Elettrica and Niu GT

It’s an innovative development by Vespa. They have developed a modern moped that is completely safe for the environment. The design corresponds to the classic Vespa concept — vintage details and unusual colors.

There is an electric motor inside the moped, the maximum power of which is 3.5 kW. It works silently, so it won’t draw attention to itself. The battery capacity is enough to travel 100 km without recharging. After that, you will just need to find a regular power outlet and rest for up to 4 hours while the moped is charging.

The digital panel has a display, a media system, you can also install the app to monitor the status of the moped in your smartphone. You get a unique opportunity to talk on the phone using Bluetooth, read SMS and listen to music (all information will be displayed on the dashboard).

Another model with a vintage look is the Niu GT. It can travel the same distance as Vespa. The stylish moped is similar to those that were popular in the 80s. It can comfortably accommodate two people, a driver and a passenger. There are handles for the second traveler to hold onto. The driver has an additional glove compartment where they can hide their phone or other little things.

The batteries in this vehicle can be removed for charging. And you can also use the fast charging system, thanks to which the charge will be replenished to 100% within 3.5 hours.

Horwin EK-1

The Horwin EK1 model has a wheel hub motor. The motor power of this moped is 2.8 kW. The bright design of the electric scooter will suit the taste of drivers of different age. Stylish design is one of the advantages of this vehicle. In addition, owners of such a moped can enjoy the all-round lights, driving with cruise control on, and an automatic delay before turning off the lights. You can put the helmet after traveling into a special compartment under the seat.

SuperSoco TC MAX

To drive around the city, it is no longer necessary to choose public transport. Lightweight and modern mopeds from Super Soco are the best alternative. On this moped, you can drive more than on the models described above — up to 160 km at a maximum speed of 100 km/h. The built-in battery is placed in a standard place for a gas tank. It takes up to 5 hours to charge, and it is not necessary to remove the battery for charging.



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