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SWYTCH can turn any bike electric

Swytch Bike has designed the world’s first pocket-sized battery that enables any bike to shift into a powerful electric bike. The same size as a large smartphone the battery can turn any bike electric.

The kit is, also, suitable for upcycling existing bikes breathing new life into the vehicle and reducing waste. The design group’s mission is to turn drivers into cyclists by converting regular bikes into e-bikes and by making sustainable electric transport accessible to everybody. The kit can be carried easily due to its lightweight design and compressed size.


The Swytch Kit enables customers to upcycle their existing bikes into electric vehicles that can be used on all terrains and in any weather. Power Pack, the pocket-sized battery allows easy conversion for sustainable electric transport and is available in multiple different colourways. The Swytch Kit is a pedal-assist that provides power as pedalling is detected by a pedal sensor placed next to the bike’s cranks, while the motor controller contained inside the handlebar battery mount draws power from the pocket-sized Power Pack and powers the 250W front motor wheel. The simple process of ‘Swytching’ a bike is achieved by firstly swapping in the front motor wheel built to fit any bike and included in the conversion kit, next by attaching the pedal sensor and the handlebar battery mount, and finally clipping on the Power Pack. Once fitted, the bike is turned into electric and the system detects the pedalling and cadence sending power to the front wheel, and boosting the bicycle ride

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