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Lambretta launches Elettra a futuristic electric scooter.

We love Lambretta’s new electric scooter Elettra whose hydraulic rear end lifts up automatically like a kinetic sculpture.

Lambretta’s upcoming silver electric scooter, Elettra, is poised to hit production soon, giving enthusiasts the opportunity to experience the innovation firsthand. Departing from traditional circular forms, the T-shaped handlebars offer a fresh and modern design.

At the forefront of the handlebars, a hexagonal white beam emits a powerful glow, ensuring safe nighttime rides. This high-quality LED lighting not only enhances rider visibility but is complemented by two additional front lights on the lower part of the scooter, providing a cool aesthetic while improving path visibility.

Elettra boasts playful accents with bursts of blue-green shades that grace the cushioned seats and wheel rims, accentuating the scooter’s sleek silver contours. The scooter’s design features sharp and decisive lines at the sides and front, gradually softening as they extend towards the gently bent steel casing of the rear end.

Lambretta reveals that Elettra is equipped with an 11 kW (15 horsepower) electric motor. The lithium battery, with a capacity of 4.6 kWh, offers a charging time of up to five hours and 30 minutes through a 220-volt home system. Notably, its fast-charging capabilities allow for an 80 percent charge in approximately 35 minutes when utilizing public charging stations. With a maximum cruising speed of 110 km/h, Elettra promises an electrifying and efficient ride.




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