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Maybe its time for a REALITY CHECK

Saelia Aparicio Houseplants 70 x 50 cm. Courtesy of the artist

REALITY CHECK is the inaugural exhibition at Anderson Contemporary, a new artist-led gallery space in London presented by Guts Gallery.

‘Reality’ is the bedrock upon which society builds. For this reason, it is frequently opposed to fantasy and fiction, which are seen as imagined, unfixed. Yet, when prodded in the right way, reality’s core components – surfaces, objects, events – are also liable to bend and blend. Surfaces respond to touch, objects shapeshift, events feel more and more incongruous. Now, more than ever, reality appears to be in a constant state of flux. On top of this, it is also constantly being perceived from countless perspectives, each slightly different to the next. 

Douglas Cantor MI AMOR 2021 Oil-on-canvas 50-x-40-cm Courtesy-of-the-artist-and-Guts-Gallery

When the conditions of our own reality feel inhospitable and overwhelming, we often turn to art and the powers it possesses to reshape and reinterpret the world around us. Processes of making and consumption lead to the creation of new spaces and sensations. It is in these spaces that dialogues can be initiated and solidarity forged between artists and audiences. 

REALITY CHECK brings together an international cohort of artists. Some of those featured seek to agitate and expand the limits of their realities through surreal subject matter, whilst others respond to the surroundings and experiences of their own everyday lives through vivid visual representation. We hope viewers will allow themselves to become immersed in these worlds, and perhaps undergo a reality check of their own. 

Kemi Onabule The Heated Sun 2021 Oil oil pastel acrylic ink on canvas 92-x-120-cm.-Courtesy of the artist.

Exhibiting Artists: Shadi Al-Atallah, Saelia Aparicio, Oliver Bijan-Daryoush, Douglas Cantor, Sophie Vallance Cantor, Julia de Ruvo, Maria, Vittoria Faldini, Miranda Forrester, Noah El Hachem, Haroun Hayward, Ikeda Moody-Golding, Emily Moore, Jen O’Farrell, Kemi Onabule, Anousha Payne, Elsa Rouy, Corbin Shaw, Olivia Sterling, Kiki Wang, Nana Wolke.

In addition to the exhibition, Guts will invite exhibiting artists to create a series of charity prints and original drawings to help raise funds for the Anderson Foundation with 50% of proceeds being donated to the foundation, and 50% going to the artist.

REALITY CHECK  23rd Sept – 3rd Oct 2021 Anderson Contemporary, Carpenter’s Wharf Studios  4b Roach Road, London E3 2PA  Opening: Thur 23 Sept 6-9pm 

Miranda-Forrester I’ve Been Waiting For You Miranda Forrester-Ive-Been-Waiting-For-You 2020 Oil and gloss on PVC 122 x 86 cm Courtesy-of-the-artist-and-Guts-Gallery-

About Anderson Contemporary Space 

Providing An Inspiring Environment For Artists To Expand Their Practice And Ideas. 

Built on the bank of the River Lea canal, this iconic location on Fish Island faces the Olympic Park and will provide not only workspaces for contemporary artists as well as exhibition spaces for artists and curators alike. A completely philanthropic project, the space is entirely focused on nurturing and supporting individual and collective artists in East London and the surrounding art community. 

About Anderson Foundation 

“It has always been the belief of everyone within the Anderson business that if you can make a difference to positively change the lives of other people within the wider community that we operate we should. This led to the establishment of the Anderson Foundation which in its 20 years of existence each year raises money to support charities and organisations that have objectives that align with those of the Anderson Group. 

Principally these relate to inclusion, sport, engagement, positivity and diversity. 

Over the years the Anderson Foundation has supported the Marina Dalglish Cancer Support Trust, Marie Curie, The Hospice Movement, Help for Heroes, Think Pink, The Lighthouse Club, and most recently the National Autistic Society for whom we raised in excess of £15m to build a state of the art world-leading educational facility for young people from the ages of 4-25.”




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