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Juls Gabs: Evasions of the Psyche

Juls Gabs Todo es Pandemia 120×80 Digital Painting with QR code to VR

This project aims to increase peoples’ connectivity using digital paintings that trigger Virtual Reality artworks that are visible through Instagram. 

Evasions of the Psyche is a Creative Media & Digital Activity project working towards health & wellbeing and social inclusion. The idea aims to create an artistic offer where you can always access the VR artworks once you scan them the first time. The audience that was before in museums and galleries is now engaging with the cultural sector in social media  (98%)*. Art must now find its audience in unusual locations.

Juls GabsThe return of the Benin Brozes 2021-150x120cm Digital Print with QR code to VR UNIQUE PIECE-

Juls Gabs, Evasions of the Psyche, Roman Road at Columbia Hotel – September 25th

Juls Gabs Evasions of the psyche 2021 Digital Painting on Hahnemuhle paper 65.56x90cm Courtesy the artist

About the Artist

Juls Gabs is a London based artist with a multidisciplinary approach that includes Crypto  Experience, Painting, Augmented Reality, Social Media art, and NFT. 

Many social advances are already installed online, however, fear stops its natural progress in Physical life. Things like borders vanish; free access to information and expansion of our personas, fluidity of the cultures, the persona and the medium. Is in this hybrid where my creations take place: by scanning the painted canvas and printing repeatedly I developed paintings that belong to this world and the digital. 

By merging The Digital and Physical, I demand the progress we all imagine and already own. 

I paint political situations/comparisons between history and the immediate future/desires of society. I paint rights and possibilities, visibility and change. I portrait you: Your WhatsApp profile, your Netflix preferences, your Amazon recommendations, I use it all. The classic  oil+linen portrait is now substituted by algorithms in accounts. Every Netflix query, Google search and Pinterest save is your portrait. And I paint you with all of them.  


I aim to provide the most accessible experiences for the audience to play with the complex and fun lives of the characters. I introduce the paintings into Social Media with Virtual  Reality to provide an immersive experience of the imagery and to stretch the concepts, and perhaps… discover new “truths” in our everyday lives. 

I see My Painting invading streets. I see exhibitions in atypical locations where the walls of the gallery are no longer needed, but we continue to bring people together. The aim is to connect society using the works and collectively create limitless dialogues.



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