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More than 140 artists from across the UK have joined forces to support Art UK.


Bidding is now open for Art UK’s auction fundraiser Buy Art to Help Art UK. More than 140 artists from across the UK have joined forces to support the charity’s groundbreaking work democratising access to the national art collection. The auction features works by some of the nation’s most prominent established artists together with many exciting new generation painters, sculptors and printmakers.  With works priced from £50 to £50,000, this is a unique opportunity for collectors of all levels to start or add to a collection, with something available for everyone. 

Art UK brings the nation’s art collections into our homes via their growing online platform and the artworks themselves into our schools. They are inspiring the next generation and expanding the  educational possibilities of our unique, untapped collections.’

Conrad Shawcross RA 

Participating artists include; Zarina Bhimji, Richard Deacon RA, Graham Fagen, Jordy Kerwick, David  Mach RA, Jock McFadyen RA, Humphrey Ocean RA, Cornelia Parker OBE RA, Veronica Ryan, Raqib  Shaw, Conrad Shawcross RA, Yinka Shonibare CBE RA and Rose Wylie RA. Aligning with Art UK’s mission to democratise the world of art, the auction and print sale will include artworks by young, emerging artists such as Archie Franks, Radhika Khimji, Ellie MacGarry and Ryan Orme who have been recommended by established participating artists including Rana Begum RA and Eileen Cooper RA. 

The proceeds of the sales will be split equally with the artists. This means collectors can acquire artworks whilst supporting the work of Art UK and also over 140 artists. Art UK’s share will go to support key areas of its work. In particular, it will use the funds to grow its schools learning resources, add more artworks to its website and tell the stories about underrepresented artists and those who have not had the recognition they are due. 


Artists are essential stakeholders in the Art UK initiative and sharing the income raised is fundamental to how the charity works with artists. Artworks by over 50,000 artists are on the Art UK website, including work by nearly 10,000 living artists. The website is the only national inventory of artists’ works in public collections and, in the case of public sculptures, in the streets and squares of Britain.  

Art UK is hugely grateful to all the brilliant artists who have so generously supported this vital fundraising  initiative for our charity. The money raised will help us grow access to the national art collection, expand  our learning resources and tell the stories behind underrepresented artists. Please support us if you can  by buying a great piece of art or telling your friends about what’s on offer.’  

Andy Ellis, Director Art UK


Art UK has partnered with the Auction Collective, who will run the auction and print sale. The Auction  Collective’s relationship with Own Art and their innovative and more affordable approach to the auction resonate with Art UK’s own mission to make art accessible for new audiences. Art UK has also partnered with Cromwell Place – the stunning new complex of galleries in South Kensington. Cromwell Place will host a short exhibition of selected works and the live auction on 29 September. 

Participating artists: 

Ade Adesina, Al Petelin, Alice Irwin, Alison Bernal, Alison Goldfrapp, Alison Wilding RA, Andrew Mackenzie, Angela  Brookes, Anja Hessler, Anne Desmet RA, Anne Rothenstein, Anthony Whishaw RA, Archie Franks, Barbara Nicholls,  Bernar Venet, Bethany Marett, Bill Taylor, Bob + Roberta Smith RA, Bronwen Sleigh, Charles Shearer, Charlotte  Roseberry, Christabel Blackburn, Christine Wylie, Claire Barclay, Clare Burnett, Conrad Shawcross RA, Cornelia  Parker RA, Curtis Holder, Cyrus Mahboubian, David Inshaw, David Lemm, David Mach RA, Dennis Creffield, Ed Kluz,  Eileen Cooper RA, Elizabeth Magill, Ellie MacGarry, Emma Biggs & Matthew Collings, Flora Mclachan (Cottingham),  Gareth Reid, Gillian Murray, Graham Fagen, Hannah Tilson, Hazel Reeves, Helen A Pritchard, Helen Baines, Helen  Flockhart, Henry Ward, Hetty Haxworth, Hughie O’Donohue RA, Humphrey Ocean RA, Ian Davenport, Jacki Baxter,  Jacob Littlejohn, James Faure Walker, James Mackinnon, Jemma Gunning, Jennifer Trouton, Jessica Voorsanger,  Jo Angell, Jock McFadyen RA, Jordy Kerwick, Josh Armitage, Joy Gregory, Justin Piperger, Katherine Jones, Keith  Coventry, Kenny Hunter, Kit Boyd, Kristina Chan, Laura Gannon, Lisa Chang Lee, Lisa Milroy RA, Liz Collini, Liz  Rideal, Lydia Blakeley, Maggie Hills, Marcus Aitken, Marita Fraser, Marius Bercea, Mark Doyle, Martin Langford,  Mary Ramsden, Matt Dosa, Michael Kennedy, Michael Simpson, Mychael Barrett, Nicholas Borden, Nicola  Morland, Nicole Farhi, Olivia Bax, Olivia Turner, Ophelia Redpath, Paul Hill, Philippa Robbins, Rachel Duckhouse,  Radhika Khimji, Rana Begum RA, Raqib Shaw, Rebecca Salter PRA, Reza Aramesh, Rhona Jack, Rhona Taylor,  Richard Deacon RA, Rita Duffy, Robert Powell, Rosalind Lawless, Rose Wylie RA, Roy Willingham, Ryan Orme, Sally  Tyrie, Sam Ainsley, Samantha Rosenwald, Shezad Dawood, Simon Carter, Simon Hitchens, Simon Quadrat, Stephen  Chambers RA, Stephen Mumberson, Steve Edwards, Stuart Duffin, Sumi Perera, Suzy Moxhay, Tess Jaray RA, Toby  Paterson, Tom Anholt, Tom de Frestion, Tom Hammick, Trevor Price, Troika, Veronica Ryan, Winston Branch,  Wuon-Geon Ho, Yinka Shonibare RA, Zanny Mellor and Zarina Bhimji. 

For further information visit:  theauctioncollective.com/viewing-rooms/art-uk/

About Art UK
Art UK is a cultural education charity on a mission to make the art in UK public collections accessible to
everyone, for enjoyment, learning and research. We enable global audiences to learn about the nation’s
art collection by digitising artworks, telling the stories behind the art and creating exciting opportunities
for public interaction with art, both online and offline.
Over 80% of the nation’s art is not on public view, and until Art UK started its work much of this art had
not been photographed. Our work is helping to radically change this, making what is publicly owned,
publicly accessible – to anyone, anywhere. Originally focused on oil paintings, our scope has widened to
include sculpture, prints, drawings, watercolours and photography.
We play a major role in supporting public art collections by improving their accessibility and sustainability.
Our platform currently shows 280,000 artworks by over 50,000 artists, with new content being added
each day. It is an ambitious collaboration between 3,300 institutions, making it one of the largest arts
partnerships put together in the UK. No other country has a resource like Art UK.
Our schools learning portal makes all our learning resources easily searchable and links all UK schools to
the national art collection. Our innovative Art Detective initiative helps public collections solve mysteries
behind their artworks. Our Shop generates much needed commercial income for those collections. And
our Curation tool allows the public to curate their own digital exhibitions. artuk.org



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