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Top Eight Accessories That Will Make You the Trendiest Person In The Room

Staying ahead of the fashion curve can be hard work. It can also prove unrewarding in the long-term, not least as the trends set these days vanish in a matter of weeks and the outfit you have put together in May might be out of style by June. Life can be hard.

Maybe it’s because of the long-term effects of the coronavirus pandemic that has hit us all very hard indeed, but apparently, those who set the fashion trends are taking it a little easy on us in 2021.

A lot of the funkiest most stylish fashions of the year are ones that have their roots in comfort and informality and we are definitely all in favor of this mindset. 

To help keep you on point and to help make sure that your outfit makes you the centre of attention, in the right way, in any room you might wander into (be that at work, or in a bar or even a swanky restaurant), here are ten great accessories to bag for this year.

Ai Weiwei, Bowl of Pearls, 2007, porcelain and freshwater pearls, 100 x 100 x 100 cm photo by andrew smart of A.C.Cooper Ltd,London FAD magazine
Ai Weiwei, Bowl of Pearls, 2007, porcelain and freshwater pearls, 100 x 100 x 100 cm photo by Andrew Smart of A.C.Cooper Ltd, London

Chokers are Back, Get Yourself a Pearl One Now

Fashion trends are of course always coming in and out, sometimes quicker than the tide, and chokers are a classic example of this. What was very much the basis of the 90s look, and vanished for much of the time since is now something that should be in your accessory drawer.

A pearl choker is very adaptable and it works with a formal evening wear ensemble just as well as it does if you pair it with a chic, but edgy, outfit for a night out on the town.

Damien Hirst Alexander-McQueen silk carves

Silk Scarves

You won’t have walked 100 yards down the main street without seeing at least three or four people wearing silk scarves of various styles and designs. These are very versatile items that can be used as scarves, hair coverings (for those occasions when it can’t be tamed) and even as a top.

Get yourself a few of these and a nice spectrum of tones so that you are always covered, whatever the time or occasion. Make sure there are always one or two in your bag.

Personalized Jewelry

Gone are the days that personalized jewelry would be considered tacky, they are now very much the ‘must-have’ items for 2021. You can look to ‘big’ things up with a chunky initial ring or take things low-key with a stylishly understated name necklace, similar to the amazingly demure types we’ve seen the likes of Rihanna and Beyonce wear.

White Boots

Get a cute pair of white boots. These are very much back in and far more playful than the jet black style that you see time and time again. Look to spruce up your going out look with a platform pair that will give you an effortlessly fun-loving zesty look and feel.

Chain-Links, Wherever You Can Put Them

Chain-link is a fashion trend that will make you feel secure in your accessory game, that pun was entirely intended by the way. When it comes to chain-link, you’ll mostly want to see this in your bag choice but can also look very dainty on footwear. 

Clearly, this can be blinged out or kept understated, either way it helps divert the eye of the beholder to the sparkly accessory wherever it is placed on your person.

Tote Bags, Tote Bags Everywhere!

This is a style trend that won’t die and we never want it to. When it comes to bag fashions going ‘big’, as with the large tote bags that you’ll see with any given glance, this is a style that works well for those of us who can’t leave the house with just about every piece of potential life saving equipment in our possession (Damn, why can’t I find my lip balm!).

You can look to mix it up here, maybe opt for a fishnet tote for that ‘beach-day’ look or continue the candy colored craze and make your tote bag stand out from a mile away.

Facemasks, With a Twist

You may well still want, need, to wear a facemask but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it. Every high street fashion store is selling bespoke designs and you should always have an arsenal of these in your bag and they can be used to match your mood. 

As a nod to an earlier accessory choice, you could even look to get a facemask with a chain-link strap!

A White Denim Jacket…Yes You Read That Correctly

There’s something about these that we think is so ‘In’ right now. Yes, a blue denim jacket is a staple that works with many looks and signals a somewhat ‘comfortable’ outlook. Now white denim can be your more formal version of the look. 

It’s something that is cute and classy and can serve you well both on the way to the office or for drinks once your workday is done. It’s relaxed but also has an air of freshness and vitality, it’s very much a 2021 look and one we can get behind.



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