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The UK’s Plan For A Green Industrial Revolution

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It is the plan of the current UK government to invest heavily in a range of different technologies that are deemed to be ‘clean’, such as hydrogen, carbon capture, wind, plus many more. It is hoped that by doing this, the country will become a world leader within this sector and lead the globe into a green industrial revolution. 

In order to deliver this, the government has developed a firm and comprehensive plan that consists of 10 separate points, which include green innovation and finance, protecting the natural environment, investing in the storage and usage of carbon capture, greener buildings, green ships and jet zero, green public transport, electric vehicles, low carbon hydrogen, and offshore wind.

We will now briefly take a look at some of these points in order to gain a clearer understanding of what they each mean. 

Offshore wind

This is a crucial renewable energy source for the economy, which is why by the year 2030, the capacity of our offshore wind mills will have been quadrupled. This means that  more energy to power up our homes and businesses will be generated via this form of green energy. To find out what are the benefits of green energy, follow the link. It is also hoped that by investing in this ‘clean’ technology, it will help to create growth and bring jobs to the coastal parts of the country.

Electric vehicles

These can have the potential to not only cut the amount of greenhouse gasses that we produce, but also strengthen the country’s car manufacturing industry, keep us as a nation moving, and create thousands of jobs. When it comes to the year 2030, diesel and petrol vans and cars will no longer be allowed to be sold. The sale of hybrid vehicles will continue until the year 2035, then after that only electrical vehicles will be available for sale. 

Green public transport

In addition to investing in green public transport, the government also wants to promote walking and cycling as viable alternatives to cars and vans for short journeys. This will see the creation of hundreds of miles of cycle lanes – something that even Holland would be proud of.

Greener buildings

This centres around the homes that we live in, offices that we work in, schools our children are educated in, and the hospitals where our sick are treated. By making a move away from boilers that heat buildings using the burning of fossil fuels, our buildings will become much more energy efficient and have a lower carbon footprint as a result.

Protecting the natural environment

Our country’s natural environment is actually one of the best ways in which we can capture carbon in the long term. For this reason, the government is committing to safeguard our landscapes, as well as restoring habitats for animals so that the loss of biodiversity that we have experienced over recent years will start to come back. This will see the creation of the National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).



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