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5 Artists from Instagram to follow

In a new regular feature, Pierre-Andre Ben Lassin from the @fabulousnoble selects 5 artists that you should follow on Instagram.

1 Morten Lasskogen @iammoteh linktr.ee/moteh

2 Louise Paramour @louise_paramor louiseparamor.com

3 Aiste Stancikaite @aiste_stancikaite  Lithuanian artist  Berlin | Vilnius stancikaite.com

4 Cassio Vasconcellos @cassiovasconcellos Represented by galeria Nara Roesler (São Paulo, Rio and NY) and GADCOLLECTION (Paris) cassiovasconcellos.com.br

5 Dani Olivier @daniolivier_art Parisian artist daniolivier.com



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