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Top 7 Christmas presents for any art lover

This week on FAD magazine we take a  week-long look at art gifts for Christmas, We have asked some of our writers and art gallery friends to choose some great gifts, below are the choices of  Alexandra Zirinis 

1 Life Meets Art – Phaidon book 

Perhaps I am biased because I worked on this book, but it is the ultimate guide to the most stunning and eclectic houses/studios around the world. Each building’s story is more surprising and fascinating than the next, not to mention you could drool over the pictures for hours. This is the perfect present not only for art lovers, but fashion, architecture, design, music, and literary aficionados too. If you like the book idea but aren’t sold on this specific one (no hard feelings…) see some other options linked below from Phaidon’s latest collection.  BUY here

Other options: 
Great Women Artists
Supreme Supreme
Anni and Joseph Albers
Cecily Brown

2 Limited edition Idris Khan face mask Frieze X Deutsche Bank Fellowship

I like to call this gift the triple threat—useful, beautiful, and the proceeds go to a great cause. The British artist is based in London. In Hackney, Khan shares a sprawling studio with his wife (the superwoman that is Annie Morris, also an incredible artist.) Khan designed the masks (in the midst of lockdown) using his signature blue watercolours, and sheet music from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. There is a unique quality to the protective face wear, but the artist has also universalized this gorgeous (and practical!) token of our times. Tip: This may not be the best present for someone who struggles to keep track of their mask (I say this because I am this person.) After all, you want to find this 50 quid accessory a loving home. BUY here

3 Keith Haring candle

Sure, they’re probably unoriginal and overdone, but let’s face it, candles are always a safe bet (put it this way I’ve never not been happy to open one.) You can’t go wrong with this Keith Haring inspired candle. I was given one of these myself so I can personally vouch for the candle’s warm and rich aroma. Once again, if you’re not sure about this one, I’ve linked some other (equally delicious) options below—you’re welcome. BUY here

Other Options :
Andy Warhol Flower Candle
Keith Haring Running Heart Candle
Bella Freud Art Candle
Ginsberg is God Candle

4 Coasters

These simple but chic coasters belong in any art lover’s home. You have a choice between a few sets, depending on your audience. More mainstream modern art enthusiast? Go for the “History of Art Coasters.” Lover of all things supporting women in the arts? I recommend the “Herstory of Art” collection. Whichever selection you choose, the coasters are a perfect way to show some love for a classic mix of great artist’s without breaking the bank. And,  they’re practical. How much better does it get? Cheers!
BUY here

5 The Art of Rivalry 

Perhaps your art-loving friend needs a new read. This book follows some of the world’s most famous artist’s and their respective arch frenemies, each one being more didactic and hilariously entertaining, than the next. From Matisse and Picasso to Bacon and Freud (my personal favourite duelling duo,) the reader gets a glimpse of each artist’s fascinating, challenging, rewarding, and beautifully burdened life. BUY here

As usual, if you’re not sold on this particular read I have linked some other great choices below:

Seven Days In the Artworld
Boom:Mad Money, Mega Dealers and the Rise of Contemporary Art
A Year In The Artworld
Amy Sillman: Faux Pas: Selected Writings and Drawings

6 Martin Parr Colouring Book

For the art addict who likes to have a little fun… This Martin Parr Colouring Book comprises some of the British photographer’s most iconic works—brilliantly transformed into a colouring friendly form. The eighty silly and satirical pages are sure to keep almost anyone entertained over their Holiday! BUY here

7 Andy Warhol puzzle

If you’re keen on the fun and games idea, but your giftee enjoys something slightly more cerebral, perhaps this polaroid puzzle is your answer. Tip: with Holidays and celebrations looking very, very different this year, it can’t hurt to give a quarantine proof gift. BUY here



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