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The artful dodger of punk, Illuminati Neon to open new exhibition in Chelsea.

© Illuminati courtesy the gallery

Box Galleries (402, King’s Road, Chelsea) forthcoming exhibition ‘ILLUMINATI’ by London-based artist, Illuminati Neon channels the vivacity and rebellion of 1970s Punk, the show will transport visitors to the backstage world of Punk in all its neon glory through the artist’s witty, high-octane and exuberant works.

ILLUMINATI will be open to the public from 4th – 13th November 2020 and curatorial tours and private appointments will be available. The vibrant exhibition will showcase how the power of Punk has created a whole dynamic method of expression, primarily with regards to visual art, second only to the music itself.

© Illuminati courtesy the gallery

The message that each of Illuminati’s artworks carries is one of the indefatigable influences of music on visual arts and culture. His love of music has inspired his work throughout his professional career, as well as his personal artistic exploits. It was his behind-the-scenes-style filmmaking career which allowed him to work with the Punk bands he loved while the “lightning bolt moment” of his first Punk concert inspired his artistic work, a selection of which will be available to view at Box Galleries.

Synonymous with the tartan-clad kids of the punk scene, The King’s Road has played no small park in helping to secure Punks place in history from the likes of Vivienne Westwood to The Sex Pistols. ILLUMINATI will bring the genre, sub-culture and sheer attitude back to its roots in Chelsea, and World’s End specifically, the listed public house that shares its name with the surrounding area at the western end of the infamous King’s Road, including Box Galleries itself.

Box Galleries, 402 King’s Road, Chelsea, London SW10 0LJ www.boxgalleries.com 

About the Artist

Illuminati Neon, as the artist prefers to be known, grew up between two very distinct World’s Ends. From his familial base in Cornwall to the electricity and chaos of Westwood-clad, 1970s London, he spent his very formative years couch-surfing with family friends. The visual mixed-media artists, claims to have identified as a Punk since the age of eleven, and rebellions like jumping the barriers at Paddington station, having stowed away on the train from the west coast for fear of meeting the train guard between carriages, comprise the kind of Punk attitude that has possessed him for a lifetime. Illuminati is collected by notable celebrities including Sex Pistols, Elton John and Sting. His work can be found in the Saatchi Gallery amongst many other independent galleries.

Box Galleries

A contemporary art gallery in Chelsea, London representing a stable of established artists. The focus of Box Galleries is to exhibit and raise the profile of their artists in their permanent gallery, at International Art Fairs as well as pop up shows around the country. The gallery also offers a unique home approval service for clients who would like to try the artwork at home before they commit. Box Galleries won Best Local Culture in Chelsea for the Time Out Love London Awards 2016.



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