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“Let’s Live With Less Plastic” exhibition

As the pandemic causes citizens around the world to put previously pressing environmental issues to the side, Creative Director & Environmental Advocate, Tia Grazette Founder of legoodsociety.com announces the inauguration of the art exhibit “Let’s Live With Less Plastic”. Celebrating 10 years since the The Pastiki Expedition, which famously built a boat using recycled plastic to sail across the Pacific and raise awareness of plastic pollution and the vital importance of oceans. The curator, Tia Grazette continues her commitment to a plastic free world through fresh creativity.

Artists involved include; Sarah Maple, Todd Francis, Jeff Gillette, Dianna Cohen, Heath Kane, Iona Magnus, Luap, Paul Davis, i, Aaron Axelrod, I Fucking Hate London, Tia Grazette, Lois Winstone, Charlie Arsan and Illuminati Neon. The work is being displayed across the UK on large digital billboards in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Newcastle from 9th July for #plasticfreejuly and online at www.legoodsociety.com

‘Now more than ever we need to remind everyone how important it is to limit their plastic usage and what better way to do this than through art? More and more people have put plastic-free thoughts to the back of their minds as they deal with the urgency of the Covid-19 pandemic but plastic pollution continues to escalate at a dramatic rate, especially now disposable plastic masks and gloves have been added to the list.’

– Tia Grazette, Founder Le Good Society

FAD MAGAZINE SpongeBob_JeffGillette
SpongeBob Jeff Gillette

In addition to the art displayed on billboards, appealing to and encouraging the general public to live with less plastic, artist Paul Robinson / LUAP will be exhibiting his ‘PLASTIC REALITY’ installation in the window of Its Club House in Mayfair. Original art works and prints are available to buy online at www.legoodsociety.com including the Seawatercolour-insult-bottles series by Paul Davis and his limited-edition Seawater-bottle sculpture.

Luap Plastic Reality FAD MAGAZINE\
Luap Plastic Reality

Using seawater, ink and watercolour, Davis paints a variety of widely used water-bottles, added insults (to injury, as it were) to raise awareness around the urgency with which the worlds plastic addiction needs to be broken, if our perfectly balanced environment is to stand a chance.

The exhibition is supported by Ocean For Oceans and OceanOutdoor

Paul Davis Oceans FAD MAGAZINE
Paul Davis Oceans



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