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How To Make An Old Sneaker Look Brand New

When your shoes are already old and dirty, it’s time for some transformation and get them looking like brand new again. There are many ways to restore your old shoes. Note that the correct method will always depend on the materials your sneakers are made of. That being said, identify the material of your sneakers first before attempting to clean them.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to make the old shoes look like new again, then, this article was written for you. Here, you’ll learn how you can restore the luster of worn out shoes and make them as beautiful as new again. Here are ways you can make an old sneaker look brand new again:

Polish Leather Sneakers

It’s a great idea to clean your leather sneakers before polishing to prevent them from looking faded or dull. Polishing dirty leather shoes can damage the outer layer of the leather, which is also known as the ‘finish’ on the shoes. If your sneakers aren’t cleaned properly before polishing, it will become discolored and the “finish” will peel away. So, to keep your leather sneakers looking good, you should clean them before you apply the polish.

The best way to clean old leather sneakers is with a soft, damp brush. Use a soft bristled brush to remove any dust, dirt, mud, sand, or other debris from the shoes. Once the brush has been cleaned and dried, use a moisturizing horse soap to clean your leather shoes thoroughly. Stuff your leather sneakers in a cotton ball and let them dry.

The next time you polish your leather sneakers, you’ll have to apply a coat of leather conditioner. It protects your leather from any further damage that could occur if you polish your shoes again. Using a cotton ball and leather conditioner, gently rub the shoes to coat them with the conditioner. Allow the conditioner to sit for about five minutes before wiping it off with a dry cloth.

Use A Suede Shoe Cleaner For Your Suede Sneakers

Suede shoe cleaner is a must if you want to take care of your suede sneakers. Suede is a soft natural material that’s also incredibly durable, but it can wear out over time due to things like dirt, sweat, moisture, and oils. When this happens, the suede becomes cracked or torn, making it a lot harder for the suede to breathe.

This problem is compounded by the fact that suede shoes are very thin so they can’t breathe well. You also have to watch out for what kind of water they’ll be in because water will penetrate their surface. Water will start to wear away at the suede and it will become much more damaged.

While there’s a sneaker cleaner that you can use on your suede shoes, you’ll want to make sure that you get a product that uses natural ingredients that are safe for them to be in. You want to make sure that it’s made with natural ingredients, such as natural oils, like jojoba, vegetable oil, and grape seed oil. It should also contain an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal formula that you can use.

Remove Stains Using A Water-Baking Soda Mixture

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to remove stain from shoes is to use baking soda and water. It’s particularly useful when you have stained sneakers that haven’t been worn in a long time, or if you have stains on your shoes after wearing them for quite some time. You can use this method without worrying about spending too much on a stain removal product or resorting to dangerous chemicals.

The first thing to do to remove the stain off your shoes is to prepare a mixture of baking soda and water. The mixture should consist of about one tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda, one tablespoon of water, and two cups of water. Before you use it on the stain in your sneakers, you need to make sure that the shoes are completely clean and dry. If you have any kind of contact with the liquid, you should wash your hands immediately to avoid causing any kind of infection on your skin. It’s advisable to start applying the mixture as soon as possible after you’ve washed your hands.

Once you’ve prepared the mixture, you should be able to pour it into the cup of the sink, where you’ll, then, apply the baking soda to the stained parts of the shoes. When doing so, you need to use your other hand to hold the shoes so that the baking soda doesn’t spill all over the place. You need to allow the mixture to soak into the stains in the shoes before rinsing them with water. It would be best if you could do this step on a carpet so that you can easily clean up all the mess that was caused by the baking soda.

The good thing about using baking soda to remove stain from your shoes is that you don’t need any other type of stain remover to do this. The only thing that you need is an ordinary cup and some water in order to make this method effective.

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Use A Mixture of Water And Shampoo For Your Canvas Shoes

This is the simplest form of cleaning solution as it’s very easy to make. The ingredients of this cleaning solution are water mixed with equal parts of shampoo. If you have a pair of canvas sneakers that have some stains on them, use this cleaning solution to clean them right away. It’s advisable to do this twice a day or as required so that the stain will be removed, and the dirt and grime from your shoes will be washed away.

Use this cleaning solution with proper care and avoid spilling it onto the skin to prevent any irritation. Also, if you want to clean your sneakers at home using a mixture of water and shampoo, make sure that the solution is in its proper container and it’s stored out of direct sunlight as this may cause damage to your shoes.

Whiten Your Leather Sneakers Using A Mixture Of Water And Lemon Juice

You might not believe it, but this simple technique can help you to remove stains from your shoes and whiten them in no time at all. All you have to do is add a mixture of water and lemon juice to a sponge and, then, apply the solution to your sneakers. This solution will help whiten your shoes and make them appear brighter than they ever were before.

To begin, apply the solution to your shoes and, then, use your fingertips to gently spread the solution out on the shoes. This will help remove any excess residue from the shoes, which can sometimes be difficult to achieve, especially when trying to get stains out of shoes that haven’t been worn for a while. The mixture of lemon juice and water will help prevent the stain from being absorbed by the material.

Once the solution has been applied, you should rinse the shoes thoroughly and, then, allow them to air dry. This is because this solution can leave stains on your shoes if they don’t dry out immediately. If you do find that your shoes have been stained, you’ll need to repeat the process several more times until you’re able to remove the stain completely.

Things To Remember When Cleaning Your Shoes

There are many things to remember when cleaning your shoes. Here are some of the most common ones:

  • Don’t Use A Cloth That’s Too Large – One thing to avoid when cleaning your shoes is to use a cloth that’s too large as this will take longer to get into the crevices of your shoes. This can lead to all sorts of problems, especially if you don’t have a good-quality cloth for your shoe cleaning job.
  • Keep The Shoes As Dry As Possible – You want to try to keep your shoes as dry as possible after cleaning them. You can do this by keeping them outside in the sun and using a dry mop or towel to wipe off the dirt. If you live in a place where it can get really cold, you can use a humidifier to keep your sneakers warm and clean. You never want to leave your shoes wet as it would mean damage to them, so make sure that they’re kept nice and dry every time you’re done cleaning them.

Final Thoughts

A great pair of sneakers doesn’t come along very often. That being said, your heart will surely ache when you have to witness the best two buddies you have in the trash can. Fortunately, there are ways you can take to clean, patch, and give your sneakers a brand-new look, no matter the kind of shape the pair is in. All it takes to restore your favorite sneakers is a little effort and the right tools. By following the ways discussed above, you can make any pair of shoes last longer.



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