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‘Every Day is a Miracle’ an Art Below exhibition

FAD MAGAZINE Nasser Azam, Queen (2020), Art Below
Nasser Azam, Queen (2020), Art Below

‘Every Day is a Miracle’ is Art Below’s first gallery exhibition since January, opening Friday 17th July at Ad Lib Gallery.

Following months of isolation and global uncertainty, ‘Every Day is a Miracle’ celebrates a reunion of work by the artists Art Below has been proud to present throughout its fifteen-year history, as well as an optimistic look towards the future. Open to the public for ten days, this exhibition will comprise a series of events, each with a limited capacity to comply with guidance as the COVID- 19 lockdown measures begin to lift.

(c) Ru Knox

Curator and Art Below Co-Founder Ben Moore says:

“I feel that the coronavirus has created a wall in history, and that everything that happened before 2020 we will reminisce about for years to come – about the way things used to be. This brief window of time is an opportunity for me as a curator to reflect on those wonderful years as Art Below went on its journey, from 2006 to its last event at the start of this year. This is a chance for us to relive that wonderful time, enjoying a gallery as we used to do and seeing those iconic works that once starred on the walls of the London Underground in a new environment. Things, I believe, will not be the same again in our lifetimes, however with change comes opportunity, and we are looking forward to our continued work with new, emerging artists on the scene, as well as those with whom we have collaborated for over a decade.”

FAD MAGAZINE Pink Storm, Hollywood Edition (c) Ben Moore
Pink Storm, Hollywood Edition (c) Ben Moore

The exhibition is part retrospective, looking back at some of the most iconic billboard posters from Art Below’s fifteen-year span, including Ben Eine, Sarah Maple, Billy Childish and Alison Jackson, as well as work from the Art Wars collection by artists such as Hayden Kays, Philip Colbert, Orlanda Broom and Joe Rush. The show also unveils fresh new work by James Ostrer, Karen Bystedt, Anna Kenneally, Tom Lumley, Jeffrey Robb, Ben Eine, Ru Knox, Mark Metcalfe, Pauline Amos, Nasser Azam and Mikey Voice.

Terry Arpino Yellow Fish

A section of the show will be dedicated to the work of underwater photographer Terry Arpino (12 December 1944 – 7 April 2020), who sadly passed away in April. Terry was a regular Art Below exhibitor from its earliest days and will be greatly missed. He became passionately interested in underwater photography over 35 years ago, excited about how nature shows its beauty and colour in the shapes and forms of organisms, living in this challenging yet serene environment. He enthusiastically described his unique practice as being at times “beyond imagination and dreams.” A billboard poster of work by Terry Arpino was installed at Hyde Park Corner Tube Station on Monday 13 July 2020. RIP Terry.

EVERY DAY IS A MIRACLE Ad Lib Gallery 725 Fulham Road, London SW6 5UL 17 – 26 July 2020
10:30 – 17:00 daily www.adlib.online Curated by Ben Moore.

FAD MAGAZINE Buzz Aldrin Foot (c) Nick Reynolds
Buzz Aldrin Foot (c) Nick Reynolds

Pauline Amos, Terry Arpino, Nasser Azam, Adam Bricusse, Karen Bystedt, Holly Carlson, Ricardo Cinalli, Angry Dan, Ben Eine, Aure?lie Freoua, Eleanor Lindsay Fynn, Tim Gatenby, Talia Golchin, Emma Johansen, Hayden Kays, Anna Kenneally, Ru Knox, Thomas Lumley, Sarah Maple, Mark Metcalfe, Ben Moore, James Ostrer, Harry Pye, Nick Reynolds, Jeffrey Robb, Ernesto Romano, Stuart Semple, Tobias Ross Southall, Colin Sheffeild, Paul Don Smith, Gia Strauss, Nadine Talalla, Jill Tattersall, James Vaulkhard, Mikey Voice.

Art Wars Artists
Orlanda Broom, Philip Colbert, Miranda Donovan, Ben Eine, Carne Griffiths, Trust Icon, Joe Rush, Bran Symondson, Will Teather, Unskilled Worker.

Iconic Art Below posters by:
Banksy, Mr.Brainwash, Billy Childish, Oliver Clegg, D*Face, Ben Eine, Marcus Harvey, Alison Jackson, Hayden Kays, Sarah Maple, Polly Morgan.

Performance art: Gia Strauss



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