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TRATE to host a virtual and immersive art exhibition

TRATE to host a virtual and immersive art exhibition

In the midst of social distancing and the search for ways to keeping creative and cultured from home, TRATE will be hosting a virtual and immersive art exhibition for all enthusiasts to enjoy from the comfort of self-isolation.

TRATE to host a virtual and immersive art exhibition

Between the 9th – 12th April, TRATE will be exhibiting the launch of his second series, ‘Technicolour Malaise’ – a collection of bold, figurative, oil-on-canvas paintings.

“Hopefully opening up my studio  will provide some humane  distraction and artistic solace  during this time of isolation .” Trate


Art lovers will be invited to tune in and navigate their way around each painting, as they explore through the collection of 3D interactive images. There will also be further exhibition tours hosted by the artist himself, bringing in the mindful elements behind his muse, an issue so important at this time of all

Trate Studio – Emotive Brutes Live from Thursday April 9th www.aliastrate.com + @aliastrate .

About The Artist
Trate is a self-taught Canadian figurative artist, working under an alias that refers to the human traits he paints. Painting since his youth, he employs a raw, childlike aesthetic and vivid colour schemes to chronicle the human condition. The artist makes no preparatory drawings and largely eschews non-personal source material, preferring to stand before the canvas and paint intuitively, capturing human sensibilities in deceptively simple, subconsciously sourced forms. For him, the act of painting is an act of reflection; meaning is discovered only upon completion of a canvas.



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