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FUTURO-A- The World’s Highest Experiment in Empathy Engineering on Flight LH448

The Waldorf Project is back with a vengeance, making history once more in its boldest, most ambitious augmentation to date: ‘FUTURO – A’.

FUTURO-A- The World’s Highest Experiment in Empathy Engineering on Flight LH448

On March 7th, 2019, 288 passengers aboard Flight LH448 will experience a truly ground-breaking and technologically radical performance, which will be something totally unprecedented anywhere in the world…let alone aboard a plane, 35,000 feet up.

FlyingLab, Lufthansa’s trend division and flying think-tank, will depart from Frankfurt for Austin’s SXSW, the global centre of creative and digital innovation. And through the Waldorf Project’s ‘FUTURO – A’, for the first time in aviation history, passengers will be connected as participants in the world’s first fully immersive and integrated performance staged at altitude.

After years of psychological research, artistic collaboration and scientific experimentation carried out by the Waldorf Project, individuals, once strangers, will be synergised – becoming one homogenised organism in a moment of cohesion. The experiential artwork is not just a demonstration of how the Waldorf Project continues to shift the boundaries of how art is manifested and perceived – it might even have implications far beyond the ‘artistic’ or even ‘creative’. ‘FUTURO – A’ will open our eyes to the prospect of what could be the future of flying.

Fundamental to such a visionary undertaking is the complete collaboration with, and submission to, the creative process by every department involved. This is because, for ‘FUTURO – A’, the Waldorf Project team have been granted unprecedented full takeover of an Airbus A330, transforming the aircraft like never before, into something truly magical.

The creator and director of the Waldorf Project, Sean Rogg, has been working closely with Lufthansa’s team, with aeronautical engineers, scientists and even the fleet captain. Having been given access to an airbus on the tarmac in Frankfurt airport to design the experience. All 288 passengers on board regardless of their seat, will be integrated in a plane-wide experience, designed to create empathy at 35,000 feet.

With the rules and restrictions around aviation being so high, the challenges in overcoming the strategic, legal, and logistical hurdles faced by the Waldorf Project in this particular instance were immense. And yet, as with previous ‘Chapters’ – this time, through the means of a brave partner in FlyingLab and with the support of Lufthansa – Sean Rogg and his team have been granted the extraordinary opportunity to be unrestrained in imagination, making the impossible possible.


In December 2018 the team collaborated with Wonderfruit Festival in Thailand to present ‘FUTURO – X’ to an audience of 4200, with a team of 150 dancers. Never before had anything on this monumental scale, or with such a vast level of participation, been attempted. FUTURO – X was experienced by an entire festival’s community, with every one of the guests directly and collectively engaged.

‘FUTURO – X’ was the world’s largest experiment in empathy engineering; ‘FUTURO – A’ will be the world’s highest. This is an aviation first and likely to be one of the most extreme and unique experiences anyone has had, or will ever have, in the sky.

The Waldorf Project In Collaboration With Flyinglab- Flight LH448: 7th March 2019
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About The Waldorf Project
The Waldorf Project is a radical immersive experience on a grand stage in which art is consumed through all of the senses. The project will run over a number of instalments with Chapter Four in 2019. The experience will unite the senses through food, scent, drink, movement, sound, and environment. Key to this concept is the synergy between the various aspects of the event and the imaginations of the creative team, all being directed and orchestrated by artist Sean Rogg. From its genesis five years ago as a multi-sensory dining experience, the Waldorf Project has evolved into a daring experiment in consciousness transformation. The evolution continues as we look forward to the next chapter, “BARZAKH” in 2019.




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Within Waldolf Project there is not a sales point, there is not a brand attached, this experience is not to drive sales, it exists beyond the relatively new gimmick of store openings, product launches and PR events.

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