Gucci hooks up with 12 artists to do D.I.Y

Gucci has hooked up with 12 artists to show how their D.I.Y feature can be used to customise the Ophidia Tote and Ace sneakers.

Gucci-Teams-Up-with-12-Artists-for-Newest-DIY-Collection FAD MAGAZINE

Artists include Coco Capitán (the same artist that created the infamous Gucci “Common sense is not that common” t-shirt), Ignasi Monreal, Angelica Hicks, Soko, William Ndatila, Trevor Andrew, Unskilled Worker, Jayde Fish, Phannapast, Adrian Kozakiewicz, Alex Merry and Amanda Charchian.

The 12 artists got to play around with the Gucci’s Ophidia tote and Ace sneakers.

“They got to connect their artistic style and individuality to the customizable #GucciOphidia tote and #GucciAce sneakers.”

See the interpretations below and Now GO D.I.Y YOURSELF

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