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Will 2016 be the year of Virtual Reality?

jon rafman

This year I experienced three different exhibitions that used virtual reality headsets: Carsten Holler at Hayward Gallery, Jon Rafman at Zabludowicz Collection and Ludic at Herrick Gallery in Mayfair.

Is this the technology to revolutionise art? Anyone who has experienced it will tell you that it takes immersive art to another level. Considering that experiential art is becoming ever more popular, imagine what can be done with this new technology. Transporting visitors to another world, letting them fly and travel to another country is just the beginning.

I’m excited to see whether artists will embrace virtual reality, and to see the amazing works of art they will produce.

My only concern is the art world is surprisingly resistant to change – clearly all types of creativity aren’t equal. It’s taken an age for photography to be accepted as fine art, and even then there are still some hold outs.

But here’s to hoping that this barrier can be overcome and that we see much more virtual reality art in 2016.



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