ARTIST OPPORTUNITY: Exhibit your art in a gallery exhibition in Vienna.


DEADLINE: 30th March

Open call for art works that deal with the subject of colonialism, identity and memory. The works are to be displayed in an international exhibition to take place in an art gallery – Moe Contemporary – in Vienna.

The concept deals with issues of invasion/intrusion taken in realistic or abstract terms. It not only raises questions in terms of political, territorial, economical or geographical invasion, but also on the invasion/rupture that happens inside the individual as a consequence of that process, namely the loss of identity, memory and displacement.

We especially welcome works that deal with contemporary forms of colonialism.

Exhibition takes place in May, in Vienna, for 5 days. There’s no guarantee of artist fee, as we are in the process of securing funding. So, please state in your application if you are available for participation with or without fee.

Any art form acceptable, but please bear in mind that the simpler the best for production reasons. In order to apply please send a short synopsis, images and/or link to on-line videos and a cv. Email for further details.

DEADLINE: 30th March

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