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Our top 5 galleries to visit @LondonArtFair this weekend

So we have already highlighted our top 5 galleries to see in this years Art projects space at The London Art fair now here are the top 5 galleries in the main space you should visit this weekend>

1 Charlie Smith Stand number 4
Charlie Smith are showing: Emma Bennett,Kiera Bennett,Tom Butler,Sam Jackson,Wendy Mayer,Gavin Nolan,Dominic Shepherd and John Stark. We really like the work of Dominic Shepherd.

2 Fold Gallery number 6
They are showing :Dominic Beattie,Simon Callery,Dan Davis,Tim Ellis,Valérie Kolakis, Kes Richardson and Finbar Ward. We really like Tim Ellis.

3 Jack Bell Gallery Stand Number 3
They are showing Aboudia,Armand Boua,Boris Nzebo,Goncalo Mabunda,Hamidou Maigo,Leonce Raphael ,Agbodjelou,Pascal Setondji,Vincent Michea. We really like Aboudia.

4 Jealous Gallery over in G45
They are showing Charming Baker,Jess Wilson,Ceal Warnants,Simone Lia,Russell Marshall,Magda Archer,Adam Bridgland,Hayden Kays,Kate Gibb,Lucy Gough,Menna Jenkins,Trevor Abbott,Charlie Billingham,Sean Penlington,Mitra Saboury,Hwa Seon Yang,Nicola Thomas,Olivia Kemp,Sara Pope,Teo Ormond Skeaping,Tinsel Edwards. We really like FAD favourites Hayden Kays and Charming Baker.

5 Finally we have Beers Contemporary at stand 5
They are showing Dale Adcock,GL Brierley,Andrew Brischler,Colin David Clark,Jonny Green,Pablo Griss,Andre Hemer,Jayanta Roy,Andrew Salgado and Evren Sungur.
And we really like Evren Sungur.



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