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The Top 5 Galleries to Visit at London Art Fair 2015 #ArtProjects

Today we are starting with the galleries in the Art Projects Space we will be covering the main fair tomorrow .

BEARSPACE are showing Reginald Aloysius, Flea Folly Architects,Janie Kidston, Patrick Raimondi Taylor but we particularly like
Suzanne Moxhay. @BEARSPACE

Set up image
2 South Kiosk
South Kiosk are showing
James Bulley,Felicity Hammond,Dominic Hawgood,Alicja Dobrucka
Joachim Sefzick. Read an interview with Dominic Hawgood HERE @SouthKiosk

3 Maria Stenfors
Philip Newcombe, Mela Yerka. We like the big pink balls and the tiny art plus the way the two artists complement each other. @MariaStenfors

4 Vitrine Gallery
Wil Murray, he’s great and we always like it when a gallery chooses to showcase one artist. @VitrineGallery

5 John Marchant
Martin Erik Andersen, Hernan Ardila,Fabrice Cazenave, Victoria Halford & Steve Beard.
We really like the rigour of this stand but for us Martin Erik Andersen stands out. read more about him here



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