FAD’s Top 5 posts of 2014

1 Bill Viola’s beautiful installation at St Paul’s Cathedral.
A video art installation comes out on top in 2014 who would have guessed that!

2 An Instgram like camera from Polaroid that prints pictures
A great combination of old and new technology plus a dash of nostalgia for past tech a very strong trend that looks certain to grow in 2015.

3 Pictures from a great exhibition at The Hayward Gallery

4 A great review of two exhibitions celebrating the art of Richard Hamilton
A giant of the British art scene the exhibitions may not of had the huge numbers but people who know went.

Dr. Magnus Resch, Internet-Startup
5 Our Editor in Chief’s interview with Larrys List CEO Magnus Resch
Hey so you all want to know who the big art collectors are. Its all about the sales.
Wishing you all the success in 2015.

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