NYC ART NEWS: Olaf Breuning’s Clouds now up @Central Park


Interrupting the steel grey skyline and towering nearly 35 feet above New York City’s most famous plaza, Olaf Breuning has installed ‘clouds‘, overlooking the south east entrance of Manhattan’s famed central park. Exhibited by the Public Art Fund — a non-profit organization which brings contemporary art to the urban streets — the sculptural installation is situated amongst the park’s soaring trees, supported by rudimentary steel beams, which are stacked like ladders leading into the sky. the six bright blue clouds are made from polished and painted aluminum, and have each been cut to mirror a hand drawing illustrated by the artist, bringing to mind the set design of a school play or child-like sketches of the sky.


The vibrantly colored flat silhouettes punctuate the bustling landscape with their sense of whimsy and charm, propelling the viewer into a surreal world that seeks to accentuate the humor of everyday life. the metropolis’ predominately colorless building façades are dramatically transformed into a playful fictional tableau, inviting passers-by to indulge in the stage-like quality of a New York City street with a new sense of wonder and possibility.


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All Photos courtesy of: Public Art Fund

Also, check cool video with Olaf chatting with Neville Wakefield about his recent snow drawings in the Swiss Alps


Visit Olaf’s Tumbler page to see more: HERE

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