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VIDEO: Studio Visit with Sung Feel Yun

Soon to be showcased at Encounter Fine Arts exhibition at Sketch Mayfair (starting on Tuesday January 8th) Sung Feel Yun utilises the intense power of simplicity to convey monumental concepts. Through his unique paintings and sculptural pieces, he effectively explores vast and complex themes, from the eternal transference of energy to universal balance, or creation to extinction. Sung Feel Yung’s work has received extensive recognition internationally, including multiple solo shows and a prestigious award from the Korean National Museum of Contemporary Art. Having graduated from the Slade School of Fine Art in 2013, Sung Feel Yun will be also be exhibited with Hamni Gallery at Art14.

Looking at the Real World II, 2011 Stainless Steel, Magnets, Motor, ActioN Sensor, Colour Steel Powder Dimensions: 85 x 85 x 15 cm

The vast expanse of the solar system and the micro world of atoms have something in common; both worlds rotate around the same axis. However, this link does not mean that there can be no change- since all things in the universe are to a degree always active. Furthermore, whether great or small, they are in no way moving at their own whim but in balance and reaction to one another.’

– Sung Feel Yun

Looking at The real world from within The real world 01 (Detail), 85x85x15cm, Stainless steel, Magnets, Motor, Action sensor, Colour steel powder, 2011



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