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Alice Browne ‘In Place’ at Limoncello Art Opening Thursday 5th December 2013


5th December – Saturday 8th February 2014 Limoncello 340-344 Kingsland Road London E8 4DA www.limoncellogallery.co.uk

“Starting a painting opens up manifold possibilities, fantasies of what could be. The defined space of the paper or canvas provides a fixed viewpoint from which the space can be flattened out ahead or tilted forward. Shapes obscure one another like interfering objects in front of a camera lens, or are slotted into place like stage sets. Sections of paint are given physical attributes like weight and bulk, hanging or jammed between thin transparent layers that slip around and beyond the field of view.

Forms are adapted from a variety of imaginary, representational and first-hand sources, then are flattened and re-worked in the painted space. Classic architectural columns and passageways, industrial structures, minimalist artworks and rocks are references that repeatedly appear.

Painting on different sizes changes the register of perception and allows an exploration of different volumes of space.
The smooth prepared surfaces show up every mark, whilst retaining flatness. Switching between considered and impulsive marks encourages textural variations and unpredictable formations. Decisions are continually made as each painting progresses so that each colour, shape and line alters the route to the outcome.”

– Alice Browne, 2013.

Alice Browne (B. 1986, based in London) gained her BA Fine Art: Painting at Wimbledon College of Art (2009). Recent solo shows include annarumma, Naples (2013); The China Shop, Oxford; Supercollider, Blackpool (both 2012) and Limoncello, London (2011). Recent group shows include Fjord, Philadelphia; Interno 4, Bologna; Matthews Yard, Croydon (all 2013); dienstgebauede, Zurich (2012); Limoncello, London; APT Gallery, London (2011); Transition Gallery, London; A Foundation, Liverpool; and ICA, London (all 2010).




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