Top 5 posts on FAD this week

A naked Lady Gaga , A new exhibition from Damien Hirst how to raise money as an artist plus Get on FAD.

1 VIDEO : Lady Gaga gets naked for ART
Lady Gaga takes part in the “Abramovic Method” of exercise and gives a ‘Kick’ to Abramovich’s Kickstarter Campaign.

2 Is Damien Hirst more crap at Fashion than Art ?
This post was in reaction to the news that Damien Hirst is dusting off his skulls to team up with A;expander mc Queen to do a range of skull accessories – really ? How sad.

3 Get Your Art On FAD
The only art opportunity on FAD this week but what a great one , nice to see it a favourite post after such a long time.

4 Artist Workshop: How to raise money
This is coming up this October an Art workshop with at least three ways to raise money as an artist .

5 NEW : CANDY Felix Gonzalez-Torres | Damien Hirst @BlainSouthern
And back comes Damien with some good news , a new show with Felix Gonzales- Torres and inspired by Candy excellent !

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