Is Damien Hirst more crap at Fashion than Art ?

You actually really think this is good ?

For the 10-year anniversary of the creation of Alexander McQueen’s classic skull scarf, the British fashion house has recruited skull-master Damien Hirst to create a revamped version of the original. Hirst will create the design for 30 scarves using images from his “Etymology” series, which includes butterflies, insects, and spiders intertwining with the McQueen skull. The scarves are priced at £315.

What? How F**king BORING YAWN .

More crap from Damien Hirst
Appaling Still Life

This is one of the most ridiculous bags I have ever seen

DHS1821spin1_771_0 Cheap, shitty, too easy, anyone can do one, big, motor-driven, roto-heaven, corrupt, trashy, bad art, shite, , over the sofa, celebrating painting

This is so bad I want to slit my wrists

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2 thoughts on “Is Damien Hirst more crap at Fashion than Art ?

  1. The person who wrote this post doesn’t appear to have the guts to put his name to it. I must admit I am of the same opinion – but see no reason to get my knickers in a twist, let alone publish a childishly petulant online posting. However, I am sure Damien Hirst will be grateful for the free publicity… or was that the intention?

  2. I don’t need to put my name to it as this is my site ? Maybe its childish but don’t think its very petulant – also as a post it seems to have generated the most feedback and interaction of any post for a while so people do seems to be interested in it .

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