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Awesome 3D Chairs created using ‘The Endless Process’ by Dirk Van Der Kooij

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19 Greek Street presents The Endless Process by Dirk Van Der Kooij available from 1st June

London design hub 19 Greek Street announce that award-winning Dutch designer Dirk Van Der Kooij, of Studio Van Der Kooij, has joined the gallery’s permanent stable of represented designers.

Previously unseen in the UK, Dirk Van Der Kooij’s products are made using a revolutionary 3D printing technique, which employs Furoc, a specially re-adapted industrial machine programmed to print furniture from recycled melted plastic parts of discarded refrigerators. Furoc shapes the furniture following a 3D drawing, through a process which resembles the coiling of a single long rope – called the Endless Process. This method can be 40 times faster than traditional 3D printing, with the ability to produce a chair in a variety of colors and designs in just 3 hours, and print over 4,000 chairs a year.

First ever 3D-printed chair : now available in the UK. (Exclusively at 19 Greek Street)

At 19 Greek Street Studio Van Der Kooji will present for the first time in the UK a series of products, all stemming from the Endless Process; from the Flow series, which features uncompromised and tight lines, to the Pulse series, characterized by sharp edges and wavy lines. A new series, the Chubby, will also be presented; merging flatter lines and pure colours, the Chubby series represents a new level of accessibility for Studio Van Der Kooij, as it’s printed in a fraction of the time and for a fraction of the cost. The Chubby series also includes the Chubby coat hangers, which are made reusing the discarded material from the production of the Chubby chair.

Whereas traditional plastic furniture is produced through injection molding, a process that is cost-effective for the mass market, but doesn’t allow any flexibility in the design of the final product, the Furoc printer enables an almost endless spectrum of possibilities, and has recycling at its core. In line with 19 Greek Street’s principal ethos, Dirk Van Der Kooji’s products are at the forefront of sustainability and cutting-edge design.

The entire collection will be available in the UK- exclusively at 19 Greek street from 1st June 2013.

Studio Van Der Kooij
Whilst preparing for his graduation project three years ago, Dutch designer Dirk Van Der Kooij was inspired by the process of 3D printing, and reprogrammed an industrial robot, Furoc, from a Chinese production line, to print furniture using the melted parts of old refrigerators. The first product made using the Furoc machine was the Satellite Lamp; from then, the Studio has developed different series of Chairs, exploring the many possibilities that this revolutionary printing technique offers. During the process of creating a new chair, each prototype was shredded and reused along the way.
Dirk Van Der Kooij was awarded the Dutch Design Award, and the DMY Award Berlin.

19 Greek Street
19 Greek Street is London’s hub for international contemporary design honouring the values of craftsmanship, sustainability and design aesthetics. Established by designer and Creative Director Marc Peridis, the six-floor Victorian townhouse hosts an eclectic and contrasting mix of collections including: the UK outpost of ESPASSO – the much acclaimed specialists in modernist and contemporary Brazilian design, supercyclers, the Australian “up-cycling” design collective, and a collection room gathering 19 Greek Street’s own commissioned pieces by established and up and coming designers.



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