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Art Performance Tonight at The Pit Barbican

Scan and Scale by Noam Dover and Michal Sara Cederbaum from the exhibition Middle East Part 1 opening March 28th at 19 Greek Street

‘Savanna, A Possible Landscape’ at The Pit at the Barbican on Friday 25 January from 19.45 – 20.45 followed by an informal drinks. ( Sold Out )

Part of the London International Mime Festival, Savanna brings the African savanna into the theatre through an exotic landscape of moving sculptures, inhabited by an array of exquisite robotic animals – elephants, antelopes, giant tortoises, birds, snails and caterpillars.

The robotic animals and the set design are an integral part of the show and they have been created by Tel Aviv based designers Noam Dover and Michal Sara Cederbaum who are collaborating with 19 Greek Street for their next exhibition Designing the Middle East: Part 1, opening on 28th March.

Dover and Cederbaum’s show at Design Miami last December was a great success which is where 19 Greek Street founder Marc Péridis discovered and decided to work with them. This forthcoming exhibition at 19 Greek Street will be the first time they have been shown in the UK. This performance at the Barbican will provide an exclusive preview of their work and will be a taster for the pieces they will show at the 19 Greek Street exhibition.

Designing the Middle East: Part 1 will also feature work by London based Israeli designer Yoav Reches.




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