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19 Greek Street : SIX Floors of Cool Stuff !

Opening on 13th September 2012, 19 Greek Street will be London’s hub for craft, excellence and social responsibility in design. Established by Marc Péridis, Designer and Creative Director of the design studio Montage, this six-floor Victorian townhouse will be a centre for distinctive design storytelling bringing together handpicked pieces from international design studios, as well as housing the UK outpost of ESPASSO, the much acclaimed US specialists in modernist and contemporary Brazilian design.

ESPASSO Asturias Armchair – Carlos Motta

Nina Tolstrup chairs and cabinet

nocc element red face

ESPASSO Asturias Armchair – Carlos Motta

ESPASSO Diz – Sergio Rodrigues

19 Greek Street will feature both commercial and non-commercial pieces in exhibition and showroom environments, while also featuring a screening/lecture room and a workshop space where guests can engage with the process: the work behind the work.

Péridis says of his decision to set up 19 Greek Street:

“I am one of those people who plays with design like a child plays with his toys – with amazement and bewilderment, seeing an infinite potential in everything I find. This is design. So, for me, the idea was simple. I found a building that was looking for stories to tell, and I found stories that were dying to be told.”

Website: www.19greekstreet.com/



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