Mark Hayes-Westall

FAD’s founder and editor in chief Mark Westall has a bit of a knack for being in the right place at the right time.
Starting in style magazine publishing in the 1990s he quickly became known for nabbing then-unknowns such as The Spice Girls and Oasis for coverstars, but the nascent digital world soon captured his attention.
Repurposing his magazine’s creative teams to the new world of website development, he was at the forefront of the advance of brands into digital, producing award winning digital experiences for brands including Campaign, Levi’s and Jolly Ranchers. When the advertising industry noticed this new field, he sold his business to Leo Burnett, going on to lead the agency’s digital division for 5 years, working for companies like P&G, Kellog’s, McDonald’s and Disney.
Looking for something more, he moved first into community education and culture initiatives, producing the award winning for the NHS, and the pan-European youth initiative before in 2008 following his passion for art and founding what has grown to become FADwebsite.

Focused on emerging and contemporary art, FADwebsite aims to shine a light on new talents and develop our understanding of those we already know a little about.
FADwebsite is internationally recognized as a key figure within the emerging and contemporary art world, and has been selected as official partner by organizations as diverse as Moving Image, Volta and Christie’s.

In addition to leading FADwebsite, Mark is a director of, the marketing services agency for the art world and those who wish to engage with it, a columnist for City and Canary Wharf Magazines and expert advisor to bi-annual art fair Strarta.

About Mark Westall

Mark Westall is the Founder and Editor of FAD magazine, ' A curation of the world’s most interesting culture' [PLUS] Art of Conversation: A tri-annual 'no news paper' AofC - Issue 1 Autumn 2018

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