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Works on Paper Group Show at EB+Flow Private View Thursday 9th February 2012

10th February – 23rd March 2012

« Works on paper » is the new group show from EB&Flow.
Divided in three sections – study, medium and surface, selected EB&Flow and invited artists will explore various aspects of the use of paper, marking their different practices.

The exhibition will offer proof of the on-going importance of paper to the contemporary Art practice. It will take issue with the commonly held view of paper as a mere preparatory medium for something else, as a stage along the way to an artwork, rather than as a final statement. It will also reveal the ceaseless experimentation in terms of content and practice that artists continue to display; whether this takes a traditional form, or breaks newer ground. Results of drawing, painting, printing, sculpting, incising, folding or texturing will question the visitor on the versatility and essential importance of paper in the creation process.

Paper, whether serendipitously discovered or painstakingly selected for its specific characteristics, has long been a preferred medium of expression for artists, as evidenced by Katie Louise Surridge’s rust on paper and Annie Cattrell’s cuts on paper. From studies to original works of Art, the exhibition will also present sculptures by Neil Ayling, and colourful ink and watercolour by new EB&Flow artist William Bradley, enhancing the impact of the artist’s drawing.

Ross M. Brown, Briony Anderson and Nicholas McLeod’s oils on paper will also illustrate evident connections between painting and drawing and two prints by invited Chilean artist Cristobal Lehtyt, will reply to the usual critique of the size of works on paper. Important for their scale, the visitor will appreciate the emotional force of the drawing.

« Works on paper » will offer a walk through the metamorphosis of the paper aiming to reveal the wide range of technical and aesthetic approaches used. Pieces celebrating the beauty of paper as a material, will be presented alongside others in which it is mutilated or partially destroyed. The viewer will quickly realize that the former means nothing without the latter and that the glory of tormented paper is universal.

This line up features studies and new works divided in three categories:
Studies: Neil Ayling ,William Bradley ,Ross M. Brown ,Nicholas McLeod
Surface: Gemma Anderson ,Dagmar Buhler ,Annie Cattrell, Cristobal Lehtyt ,Katie Louise Surridge
Medium: Briony Anderson, Marc Bowditch, Manuela Carrano, Sue Corke ,Gianna Moise ,Cristian Zuzunaga

Biographies and references: www.ebandflowgallery.com/artists/



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