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PREVIEW: Art That Has a Life of Its Own: Kinetica Art Fair 2012


Dianne Harris
9th – 12th February 2012

Living artwork, creations that come to life and experiential installations will be on show for the fourth Kinetica Art Fair 2012 – the UK’s only art fair dedicated to kinetic, robotic, sound, light and time-based art.

Kinetica is hosting the work of over 45 galleries and art organisations nationally and internationally, with representatives from UK, Switzerland, Serbia, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, USA, Norway, Netherlands, Italy, Czech Republic, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, Korea, India, Greece and Holland, collectively showing over 400 works of art.

Alongside the Fair, Kinetica will present a daily programme of talks, presentations and performances themed on Time, transformation and energy where eminent pioneers, experimental artists, performers and key figures in the field of kinetic art, electronic art, cybernetics and neurosciences have been invited to participate.

This year sees a special feature exhibition within the fair showing work from Kinetica Museum’s new Oxygen artists membership scheme, entitled Art of Universal Knowledge: Time, Transformation and Energy, as well as a special focus on the centenary of renowned British scientist, Alan Turing, and for the first time the Musion Academy Awards (MAMAs) that premiere outstanding art pieces in live performance art, digital art, and audio visual performances (Friday 10th February).

All images from Kinetica Art Fair 2011 Photos by Alex Robertson

Feature exhibition: ‘Art of Universal Knowledge: Time, Transformation and Energy’This exhibition will focus on the connections between space, science, nature, astrology and artistic interpretations of time, transformation and energy in reference to 2012 as the end of a 5,000 year old era which signifies change and transformation.

The feature will showcase a diverse range of work from emerging contemporary kinetic and new media artists including Ronin Cho, David Ogle, Pascal Betteux and Debbie Locke alongside established International artists including Daniel Chadwick, Ivan Black, Tom Wilkinson, Graham Stevens, Roger Vilder, Ivan black, Balint Bolygo, Janet Cooper, Dianne Harris, Andras Mengyan, Robert Moore, Nik Ramage, Ruey-Shiann Shyu, Christopher Stoneman, Tamas Szvet.

Alan Turing special tribute exhibition: ‘Intuition and Ingenuity’
As 2012 marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of the British scientist, Alan Turing,Kinetica Art Fair will host this special tribute exhibition to the inventor of the iconic digital computer, founder of the science of artificial intelligence and decoder of the German Enigma machine. The exhibition ‘Intuition and Ingenuity’, organised by ‘2012 Alan
Turing Year’ brings together a range of artists to investigate Turing’s enduring influence on art and contemporary culture, including Roman Verostko, Boredom Research, Patrick Tresset, Greg Garvey, Anna Dumitriu and Alex May.

Kinetica Art Fair 2011 from Kinetica Museum on Vimeo.

Kinetica Art Fair 2011

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Light installations from artists such as David Press, who draws on the sculptural London-based artist Balint Bolygo, whose Aurora is currently installed at Bethnal Green Town Hall Hotel; András Mengyàn from Gallery A22 (Hungary) who will be exhibiting innovative laser sculptures; and Patrick Heide Gallery who are showing new lightworks by Hans Kotter.

Architectural models from: Studio Roosegarde, whose Liquid Space 6.0 is an interactive space that changes shape according to human behavior; Pavegen who have created a pavement which produces electricity when walked on; and Kensuke Hotta-AA-D Lab, who have created an architecturally intelligent canopy.

Animatronics from contemporary artists include: Tim Lewis, whose sculpture Pony was exhibited at the first ever Kinetica Art Fair; Piotr Jedrzejewski who makes fascinating mechanical creatures; and Greyworld’s Tail, a fully controllable, twisting and curling frisky cat’s tail you can clip on and wear!

Musical work by Alex Allmont, whose Lego technic pieces use computational and electronic tools to create abstract music; Phiharmonic Lights who work with synchronized light and music and Nicola Rae at PM + R, whose sound emission analysers create interactive sonic visual projections.

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Alex Posada
Further exhibitors include:
Michael Klein Arts, Alexander Berchert, Kinetic BG, Patrick Heide, University of Hertfordshire, Gina Lee, University of Lincoln, Lydgalleriet, Leif Maginnis, Paul Malone, Andor Merks, Jonathan Tristram Miller, Middlesex Mindsets, Robert Moore, David Press, Ravensbourne, AA-D_LAB and ShariShariShari, Poietic Studio, University of Westminster, Arthur Woods, WuXiaoFei.

This year sees a number of performances from interactive sound and visual artists such as Analema Group – Eugenia Emets & Mohammad Taha, Madi Boyd who will explore interaction between movement and space, London based artists D-Fuse who will create an audiovisual performance with cylindrical patterns, Empress Stah Power who will confront weightlessness as live performance, and Rachel Garrard who will explore geometry in space. Other performances include: Gaelle Berton, Gaynor O’Flynn & the Beinghuman Collective, United Disciplines, Starsky, Shroomstudio, Romvelope, New Opera Hero, Ki-Ra, Holotronica – Stuart Warren Hill, Laura Jean Healey.

A series of talks will examine cosmological and astronomical phenomena through artistic practice and participation; further presentations will explore expressions of Time in kinetic sculpture. Speakers include: Arthur I Miller, professor of history and philosophy (UCL) on collaborations between scientists and artists, Ken McMullen explores work from artists and scientists at CERN. Other speakers include: Vanessa Harden, Paul Malone, Adras Mengyan, Mark Zipel, Alex Allmont, Graham Stevens, Carol MacGillivray and Bruno Mathez, Eva Pascoe and Piotr Jedrzejewski, Christina Chau, Macu Moran, Lewis Sykes and Evan Raskob, Evan Grant, Andrew Shoben. Three talks accompanying the Alan Turing exhibition include speakers Anna Dumitriou, Alex May and Ernest Edmonds.

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Opening times:
Wednesday 8 February: PV opening event. 6.30pm – 9pm featuring a series of spectacular performances from 7pm by: New Opera Hero, Holotronica, Dfuse, Gaelle Berton

Thursday 9 February: 10am – 8pm featuring performances from 5pm by Analema Group, Madi Boyd, Dfuse, Empress Stah Power, Rachel Garrard, Laura Jean Healey, Ki-Ra, Starsky, United Disciplines

Friday 10 February: 10am – 8pm featuring Musion Academy Awards (MAMAs) from 6pm For the first time Kinetica will host the Musion Academy Awards (MAMAs), with 3 categories – Music, Performance and a Kinetica Award for the work that most closely addresses the theme of this year’s events programme. Tonight’s presentation will be introduced by Kinetica Director Tony Langford and features the winner and runner-up from each category. The audience will then chose the winner of the Grand Award of the MAMAs 2012.

Saturday 11 February 10am – 8pm featuring the winners of the MAMAs Award as well as the following performances from 6pm: Gaynor O’Flynn and the Beinghuman collective, Romvelope, Shroomstudio

Sunday 12 February. 10am – 6pm

About Kinetica Museum
With the increasing advancement and development of a scientific and technological culture, it is only natural that many contemporary artists have crossed the plateau from ‘fine art disciplines’ into ‘multi-disciplinary new media’ with artworks that utilise and warp technology itself, to explore, nurture and comment on our evolutionary processes.

Emerging from a cultural need to show-case and provide a platform for contemporary artists working in these new media, as well as to re-present significant pieces from our recent past, Kinetica focuses on work that essentially makes suggestions and contributions towards human evolution including alternative insight and reaction to scientific and universal exploration.

About Kinetic Art

Kinetic art is art that has a life of its own. It was pioneered by world famous artists including Maholy Nagy, Jean Tinguely, Marcel Duchamp and Alexander Calder during the 1900s. The earliest attempts to incorporate kinetics in an artwork was Moholy-Nagy’s Space-Light Modulator, a sculpture producing moving shadows made at the Bauhaus between 1922 and 1930 and certain Constructivists works including Marcel Duchamp’s Rotary Glass Plate and Rotary Demisphere (Precision Optics), and Alexander Calder’s motorized sculptures from 1930s.

The expression Kinetic Art was used from the mid-1950s onward. It referred to an international trend followed by artists such as Soto, Takis, Agam and Schoffer. Some Kinetic artists also worked in the field of Op Art. Their works were influenced by a modernist aesthetic and could be made with contemporary materials (e.g., aluminum, plastic, neon). Most kinetic works were moving geometric compositions. In Italy artists belonging to Gruppo N, founded in Padua in 1959 (including Biasi, Costa and Massironi, among others), carried out experiments with light, projections and reflections associated with movement, time and space.

The members of the French group GRAV, which included Le Parc, Morellet and Sobrino and was established in 1960’s in Paris, created optical and kinetic environments that disturbed and interfered with meanings and relations to space.

The term Kineticism broadened the concept of Kinetic Art to all artistic works involving movement. It applies to all those artists today who work with any kind of movement in relation to space, time, energy and matter.

Modern contemporary kinetic and electronic artworks utilise and warp technology itself, to explore, nurture and comment on our evolutionary processes and challenge scientific and universal exploration.



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