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Video Interview with Katie Louise Surridge about her show Voo-dology at Eb&Flow

Surridge constructs large structural installations from a myriad of ephemeral objects that she sources during scavenging missions.

She will be presenting a new, large installation entitled ‘Live Through This’, incorporating Victorian tobacco clay pipes sourced from the banks of the Thames, Shire horse collars and a cattle feeder which will reach from floor to ceiling of the main gallery space at EB&Flow alongside a series of smaller installations. This work is influenced by frequent visits to horse fairs, such as Appleby in Cumbria, and include objects and materials sourced from the souks of Fez, Morocco.

The process of discovery and development is integral to Surridge’s work. The assemblages of found and manufactured miscellanea on show – from basketball hoops to animal hides – develop narrative relations and her works seem to grow to fill their habitat and form links with each other. Surridge’s work often incorporates elements of animal and botanical origin, such as pelts, bones or animals which she preserves or taxidermies herself.

In 2010 Surridge was awarded the Dolbey Travel Scholarship which enabled her to travel in Ireland where she explored the gypsy traditions of working with horses, collecting scrap metal and caravan culture. Surridge relies on visual experiences and chance discovery of objects to evolve new work. Surridge was a finalist of Saatchi’s New Sensations competition 2010.




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