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FAD Recommends | What’s on in London June 9th | Art Exhibitions and Openings

Another Thursday, another FAD map. Check it out to get our roundup of what’s on in London this evening.

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Outline Editions ‘Clear Your Head Every Day’, A Show by Anthony Burrill

From June 10th, the gallery has invited ‘Godfather of the graphic art scene’ Anthony Burrill, to curate a month-long solo show, ‘Clear Your Head Every Day’. Best known for his woodblock prints of uplifting and thoughtful slogans such as “Work Hard and Be Nice to People”, Burrill was also the artist in residence at Somerset House’s Pick Me Up graphic art fair earlier this year.

‘Clear Your Head Every Day’ will include a collection of 30 new, small-scale limited edition prints and neon artworks created exclusively for the show, as well as collaborations with both internationally acclaimed furniture designer Michael Marriott and the sculptor Wilfrid Wood.

There will be live workshops taking place, and the gallery space and windows will be redesigned by Burrill and Marriott for the show.

David Steans | The Bin Bag | xero, kline & coma

Imagine a plastic bin-bag full of blood and meat and feathers hung from a tree. The Bin-bag contains some disembodied organs, too. An old heart, purple and green, a liver coloured likewise, and a brain, bruised and oscitant. Somehow – either through accident or malefic design – the bag lives. Its blood and meat and heart and liver and brain form rudimentary circuits inside its plastic skin and it seethes with a useless blind intelligence…

xero, kline & coma present The Bin-bag, a solo exhibition by artist David Steans. The Bin-bag is, to use the artist’s own phrase, a “horror-story”, comprised of text, video, sound and sculpture. According to Steans, The Bin-bag is “an experiment in… creating a new idiom for the horror-story, one fit for the twenty-first century and all its attendant anxieties… an experiment towards… the horror-story we all deserve”.

www.davidsteans.com | www.xero-kline-coma.com

All That Glisters | Stephen Friedman Gallery

Stephen Friedman Gallery’s summer exhibition ‘All that Glisters’ is a group exhibition by the gallery artists to mark the inauguration of a second gallery space at 11 Old Burlington Street.

Included in the exhibition is a major new public sculpture by American artist Tom Friedman alongside new and recent works by many of the gallery artists.

Until July 16th www.stephenfriedman.com

Alec Monopoly | L.E.G.E.N.D. | Graffik Gallery

“L.E.G.E.N.D.” will feature brand new works by US hotshot Alec, including pieces of beloved Monopoly board game mascot Rich Uncle Penny Bags and a multi-faceted array of Pop culture icons interspersed with financially-apocalyptic newspaper clippings. What separates his efforts from other high-profile graffiti artists who have effectively transitioned into the commercial art sphere (a.k.a. Banksy and Mr. Brainwash) is a deeper attraction to the ‘anti-hero’ personas of Jack Nicholson and Robert De Niro.

Large celebrity portraits will be unveiled in this show, such as Robert De Niro as Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver,. Other paintings will reveal a broader sense of style, as some canvases touch on impressionism; others evoke a feminine sensibility through color, subject, and minimal line art. Alec’s show will display the colourful styles of pop art which he has implemented in his pieces adorning neighbourhoods in Los Angeles and New York — iconic portraiture of Jack Nicholson, Bob Dylan, and Twiggy, interspersed with a large-scale series depicting the Monopoly man on canvases coated in archived copies of the Wall Street Journal, sealed with resin.

Until June 23rd | http://www.graffiklondon.co.uk/

Alice Neel & Yayoi Kusama | Victoria Miro Gallery

Two exhibitions opening at the Victoria Miro gallery tonight

Alice Neel | Men Only
The eleven portraits in Men Only show a variety of attitudes, from the erotic to the ironic, in an exhibition that looks at Neel’s particular relationship to her male subjects. Amongst the works included are Neel’s third and final portrait of her friend the author Max White as well as two powerful portraits of her sons Hartley and Richard as young men. Born near Philadelphia in 1900, Alice Neel was the foremost American portraitist and one of the most engaging painters of her times.

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue with text by poet, fiction writer and art critic Sue Hubbard.


Yayoi Kusama | New Paintings and Sculptures
Giant sculptures of tulips, a pumpkin, dogs and a doll are located in the gallery’s canal-side garden and ground floor exhibition space, along with new paintings, creating a surreal inside-out landscape of nature and artifice. Kusama’s preoccupation with the infinite and the sublime – to be found in pattern and repetition that date back to her earliest works from the 1950s – are continued in her new paintings which include self portraits, flowers, still lifes and her signature yellow pumpkins. Encapsulating the surreal and the instinctual within the pop and the decorative these new works present an extension of Kusama’s practice that is as fresh and thought-provoking as ever.

Both until July 29th | http://www.victoria-miro.com/

Katie Louise Surridge | voo-dology| EB&Flow

Surridge constructs large structural installations from a myriad of ephemeral objects that she sources during scavenging missions.

She will be presenting a new, large installation entitled ‘Live Through This’, incorporating Victorian tobacco clay pipes sourced from the banks of the Thames, Shire horse collars and a cattle feeder which will reach from floor to ceiling of the main gallery space at EB&Flow alongside a series of smaller installations. This work is influenced by frequent visits to horse fairs, such as Appleby in Cumbria, and include objects and materials sourced from the souks of Fez, Morocco.

The process of discovery and development is integral to Surridge’s work. The assemblages of found and manufactured miscellanea on show – from basketball hoops to animal hides – develop narrative relations and her works seem to grow to fill their habitat and form links with each other. Surridge’s work often incorporates elements of animal and botanical origin, such as pelts, bones or animals which she preserves or taxidermies herself.

Until August 26th | http://www.ebandflowgallery.com/

Zig Zag – Deliberations in Construction, Sequence and Colour

This exhibition brings together artists who are working today to produce new work that consciously furthers and develops the relatively short history of abstract painting. Using geometric shapes as essential elements, systems or through referencing architecture, pattern or structures in furniture and surface design, the artists here explore the formal: the effectiveness of colour and tone and their own experience of composition and arrangement in order to realise something that works aesthetically: a balance of symmetry and asymmetry: something striving towards harmony.

Charlie Dutton Gallery | Until 2nd July

Rachel Bennett



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