Bare Bones & The Maurice Einhardt Neu (MEN) Gallery present ‘Heretic Heritique’.

Relocating themselves to The (MEN) Gallery for the Anti-Design Festival holiday, Heretic Printmakers unleash an unprecedented foray into public printing/voyeurism. They are creating a minimum of two prints each day as a none too literal record of the days events featuring work from Bare Bones & Le Gun artists (Harry Malt, Chris Bianchi, Robert Rubbish, Stephanie Von Reiswitz, Frank Laws, Hannah Bays, Tom Jennings and Neal & Leigh Fox to name the ones remembered and a few more tbc). Screenprinted immediate artwork, created in the gallery to act as an antidote to the shit that gets postulated by those that should know better, this is it, and it doesn’t happen ever often. This is no trite coffee table bumper starter collecting art pack, “street-art” embarrassment or pseudo art guff here, this is blood guts and Guinness.
Prints are exclusive edition of 10.
Available for £10.

Limited Edition Bound Book All prints signed by artists involved Edition 5 containing all prints produced.

Heretis are Luke Frost Jon Rundall Therese Vandling

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