The Affordable Art Fair Singapore 2010. Till 25th April 2010

Singapore will be playing host to Asia’s first Affordable Art Fair (AAF) in April 2010. The Fair, which is already staged across Europe, the US and Australia is the only art fair of its kind, that truly develops significant numbers of new collectors across the world. The aims and objectives of the Fair are to give people a comprehensive introduction into the joys of owning art.

AAF was founded in London 10 years ago with the aim of engaging people who can afford to own original contemporary art but feel hesitant from doing so due to a lack of confidence in their art knowledge.

Since 1999, AAF has increased to 2 annual fairs in London with 120 galleries exhibiting, 20,000 visitors and £3 million of art being bought at each fair. It has also expanded, with great success, into new regions such as New York, Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris with sister fairs in Sydney and Melbourne. Combined, since 1999, these fairs have sold over £100 million of art and had an audience of more than 650,000 visitors worldwide.

The simple aim of the AAF is to provide a platform to reach a potential new audience of buyers and offer emerging artists the opportunity to be showcased. For example, Anthony Micallef, whose work was on sale at the first Affordable Art Fair in 1999 has gone on to command thousands of pounds for some works and now counts Brad Pitt, Christina Aguilera and Jude Law amongst his collectors.
A price ceiling and a selection process ensures that the art is accessible to all visitors and that people with different personal styles and tastes are able to find an artwork that they fall in love with, at a reasonable price.

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