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Concrete Allotment Projects DETOX 2010 art opening Friday 15th Jan from 6pm

Jennifer Allen, Kim Coleman & Jenny Hogarth, Oriana Fox, Rainer Ganahl,Stewart Gough, Darren Jones, Cathy Lomax, Kristen Lovelock, Martin Maloney,Agathe Snow, Charlie Tweed, Jo Wilmot, Mark Wright

DETOX is a ‘pop-up’ exhibition exploring the phenomena of detoxification.
Detoxification programmes aim to cleanse and purify for maximum wellbeing;DETOX explores this and looks closely at the personal, environmental and ideological issues surrounding detoxing.

Art in the show takes both nihilistic and optimistic approaches to contemporary life and will at times examine concepts of toxicity, excess, dirt, cleansing, purification and the narcissistic search for self improvement.

DETOX opens 16th January 2010 in a disused dojo in Hoxton Square.
Concrete Allotment Projects is a not-for-profit curatorial collaboration formed by artist-curators, Kristen Lovelock and Jo Wilmot.



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