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Spy Numbers at Palais de Tokyo by Maxim Northover


Exhibition view, photograph: André Morin

Teaming daring curation with credible artwork, Palais de Tokyo diligently provides guidance to artists and audiences toward the future of contemporary art.The gallery’s current sententious exhibition is Spy Numbers.

Before even entering into the physical gallery space hollow rumbling emanates from Pascal Broccolichi’s Sonotubes. Deeper into the exhibition Ken Gonzales-Day’s image The Wonder Gaze sweeps round a corner, in eloquent conversation with a rhombohedron sculpture by Tony Smith and archival photographs by Arthur Mole and John Thomas. The gallery has a slick yet industrial environment, a more distinct identity than the mausoleums of many international art spaces.

A sense of vitality runs throughout the whole space. Recently written up in Le Monde as a space for France’s young artists, Palais de Tokyo offers far more support to neophyte practitioners than other established spaces in Paris. A trip to Spy Numbers should be sufficient to restore confidence in contemporary art, and although not unfathomable, the work is certainly perspicacious.


Until 30th August






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