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Review: Nature Reserves @GV_Art

The original call for work asked for pieces that looked ‘to examine our understanding of the natural environment, and the ways in which this is influenced by different methods of constructing meaning – across literature, science and the arts – with specific reference to thinking around the archive’: how and why do we store nature and in what way do the structures, processes and materials of storage affect and reflect our understanding of what we store?

55th Venice Biennale – Day 3 by Crystal Bennes and Tom Jeffreys

The video installation was completely beautiful and genuinely harrowing. It touched on so many of the threads that ran through the rest of the Biennale – the relationship between documenting subject and documented object; the resistance of the world’s complexities to singular narrative overlay; the overlooked and oppressed; the violence of exclusion – but with so much more urgency, dexterity and force. Totally brilliant.

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