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Earth Eaters

EARTH EATERS is an alternative name for the condition Geophagia – the practice in humans and animals of eating earth or more specifically the clay and mineral content within it. It is part of a larger eating disorder called Pica – the consumption of non nutritive substances such as clay, starch, ice and chalk. This behaviour is usually found in people that have underlying deficiencies (blood cells, haemoglobin or zinc).

Rebecca Bellantoni

Ritual for a New Regime

*The origin story of this exhibition is now a familiar one: cancellations and postponements of all upcoming events. Adaptation is key, and so, we have adapted to our new environment, installing works physically in an ex military base in North London, but presenting them to a virtual audience. In doing so we ensure that care for ourselves and each other is a priority, but at the same time nurturing our intrinsic creativity

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